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This is our very first very beautiful blog post made for you with love.

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February 20, 2021
One of the most important concerns while getting married is undoubtedly cost. You don’t want to go beyond your budget. That’s why it’s the most rec…
August 8, 2021
For all the people living in Abu Dhabi who want to marry in Seychelles, there is excellent news. Seychelles was on the red list but that’s no…
February 4, 2021
COVID-19 is undoubtedly one of the biggest worries of this century so far. Not only has it destroyed a lot of economies but it’s also affecting our…
How to Get Married if I’m Pregnant in Dubai?
There is a famous saying that states “When in Rome, do as Roman’s do.” It simply means that you should abide by the rules of the place where you choose to live. Dubai is one of those places where people come from all over the world to make their living. It’s because of the opportunities […]
Georgia requirements for a marriage license- What Dubai couples need to know
Often, Dubai couples desire to go to other destinations for the purpose of marriage. Couples should know which documents to submit before the court. Thus, everything will go faster. The requirements for a marriage license are achievable. To start with, the couple has to organize their documents beforehand. This will prevent them from forgetting any […]
Planning your wedding in Dubai Vs with an easy marriage country, Georgia
Dubai is known for many good things and this is why it is a favorite holiday hub for many people. However, weddings between foreigners might not be so seamless. Georgia on the other hand is a hotspot wedding destination for expats in Dubai and we will discuss why this is so in the following paragraphs. […]
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