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Bahrain Residents Can Now Get Married in Seychelles Despite COVID | Bahrain to Seychelles to get married

UAE neighbours Bahrain residents can now get married in Seychelles

If you are a foreigner living in Dubai and want to get married, then you are in the right place. You would also already know that getting married in Dubai is one of the most daunting tasks ever. From the long list of requirements to high costs, everything is challenging. So many UAE residents opt for getting married in Seychelles. And from today onwards even our neighbour country Bahrain can get married in Seychelles too! Yes, you heard it right. The government of Seychelles has opened its borders for you. Now you can easily travel to Seychelles to get married.

Why is it Easy for Bahrain Residents to Get Married in Seychelles?

Because of the global pandemic, Seychelles had restricted people from many countries to enter her. The government of Seychelles also announced two different categories, each with different countries. The people from countries in category two need to spend six nights of quarantine period in the designated place.

Whereas, people from countries mentioned in category one, don’t need to spend any isolation period. Now Bahrain falls under category one, and you can enter Seychelles without additional worries. But you have to keep in mind that there is some precautionary measure that you will need to take.

Precautions for Entering Seychelles to Get married

You’ll need to have a coronavirus PCR test that shows negative results. Moreover, you must also have the latest test taken in the last three days.

Once you have that test, you can easily enter Seychelles for your wedding. It a dream place where every couple wants to get married. So, plan your big day in Seychelles today and grab your airline tickets as well.

If you know some Bahrain resident or living in Dubai who wants to marry, then share this information with them. If you yourself want it, then let us know by commenting below. We’ll get back to you right away.

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