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Choosing between an easy wedding Qatar Vs Dubai for expats in Qatar


Qatar is overwhelmingly expat-friendly and is considered a safe place to live, hence the population. Most of Qatar’s population is comprised of expatriates, most of whom live close to the capital. Qatar has so much to offer and is a nice, safe place to live, but when you want to tie the knot, it becomes hard, especially for expats. Qatar is an Islamic-dominated country, so Sharia Law applies.

Easy Wedding in Qatar for expats and residents

In Qatar, there are no civil marriages for non-Muslims. People seeking to be married legally can do so in embassies or churches. Churches have their own requirements and restrictions, for example, the Catholic Church will only conduct a marriage ceremony if one of the parties is Catholic and the other Christian. This means they cannot marry a Muslim and a Christian.

Marriage Requirements in Qatar

  • The couple must provide two witnesses for the marriage
  • All couples should be Muslims to marry in Sharia court
  • Genetic testing
  • Residents’ permit
  • Divorce papers if any
  • Consent from parents /Guardians 

Marry Requirements to marry in Dubai

In accordance with the UAE Law of personal status, marriage is a legal contract between two people, which focuses on protecting the rights of the couple and their children. This contract has specific requirements to be achieved.

The general conditions are;

  1. Two witnesses
  2. Both parties should be 18 years of age and above
  3. Paperwork that takes 4 weeks to be processed

Marriage on Non Muslim (expats)

The parties must plan a marriage in a church or go to their respective embassy or consulate in Dubai. The conditions for a non-Muslim to get married in Dubai are:

  • Any country may require their citizen to file an application of their marriage at their embassy or consulate in Dubai and process accordingly.
  • The marriage should be registered in the embassies of both parties in the UAE.
  • Marriage laws are applicable as per the laws of their country.
  • Both the parties are required to have a residence visa

It is always important to check on the laws of each country regarding marriage and weigh which one does for you.

Final Recommendations on Easy Wedding Qatar Vs Dubai

Getting married in both these countries comes with its fair share of challenges. It is always best to speak to our wedding consultants and discuss which of these destinations would be much better suited for you.

In the meanwhile, we always recommend couples from different nationalities and religion to be open to other alternatives such as getting married in Georgia, Seychelles or even online.

Confused where to have an easy wedding Qatar? Book a call with our expert wedding consultants to know more.

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