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Consequences of a baby passport in UAE without marriage

Consequences of a baby passport in UAE without marriage

If you’re unmarried or single and residing in the UAE, being pregnant was strictly prohibited. In the event that local authorities discover that a single woman is pregnant, she will be either deported or threatened with jail time. Some instances involved physical punishment or lashings. However, these occurred only rarely and in very extreme circumstances.

Since 2020, all this changed and now unmarried couples are no longer penalized for cohabitation under UAE legal reforms. While this might be a good news for many couples outside a wedlock; lets have a look at the consequences it might have on issuing a baby passport.

Serious Issues Facing Unmarried Women out of Wedlock:

  • From a certain stage of pregnancy, there are a few restrictions that are imposed on women for their safety when flying.
  • The documents are checked in a UAE hospital upon a baby’s delivery. A marriage license or marriage certificate should be legalized and furnished. Also, the date of the marriage will be checked. Getting married early in pregnancy can provide an excuse for early-term delivery or complications while pregnant. Having the dates of childbirth and marriage too close to each other can be very risky and against the law. 

Requirements for issuance of Passport for newborns:

The birth certificate can be used to obtain a passport for the baby. Nationals of the UAE can apply for their children’s passports through the Directorates of Foreigners Affairs and Citizenship Departments. The Ministry of Interior also offers an online application process. Expats living in the UAE must apply to their embassy. Here are the following requirements:

  • Attested copy of the child’s birth certificate by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the host country and the UAE Embassy abroad.
  • Father’s passport copy.
  • Mother’s passport copy.
  • Family Book (All pages) copy
  • Photo of child
  • If the spouse (UAE National or Foreigner) is not added to the Family Book, attach a copy of the marriage certificate attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the host country and mission in the host country.

Recommendations for getting baby passport in UAE without marriage:

For those women who are pregnant out of wedlock in the UAE and need to register their baby passports, it is crucial that both parents have their documents in place. Most couples often opt to get married in order to bring their newly born baby into a family framework.

Opting to get married in the UAE, Georgia, Seychelles or online weddings are the best options of all. Expats settled in the UAE can get married in the above ways and later on get registered in their country of residence

You can consult with an easy-wedding team when it comes to marriage opportunities to ease your mind!  

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