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New Abu Dhabi laws and court marriage in Abu Dhabi

Does new laws in Abu Dhabi impact court marriage for Indians?

The expat community in Dubai and Abu Dhabi has exploded in recent years, accounting for around 90% of the UAE’s overall population. Expats from India, Pakistan, and Asia make up a sizable portion of the population.

However with that; in this article we’ll observe if there is any impact whatsoever of the personal laws in Abu Dhabi on Indians wanting to get married in Abu Dhabi court.

New Personal Laws in Abu Dhabi

Non-Muslim civil marriage is permitted in Abu Dhabi. According to a new edict published on Sunday by Abu Dhabi’s ruler, non-Muslims would be permitted to marry, divorce, and have shared child custody under civil law.

Another section enables legal marriage “based on both the husband and wife’s will,” rather than the woman’s guardian’s assent. In order to get a divorce, non-Muslims will no longer have to show that the marriage was abusive. Inheritance and wills for non-Muslims are also addressed under the law.

Abu Dhabi Court Marriage Requirements for Indians

Getting married in the court of Abu Dhabi is easy when you both belong to the same country. However; if both couples belong to different nationalities; the process can be a lot more different.

In such situations; both sides are recommended to visit the embassy requirements to get married in court or consult wedding expert who can help you with the process.

Final Verdict court marriages in Abu Dhabi

The new laws are definitely in favor of non-Muslim couples who wish to engage in civil marriage. Keeping in mind; that Abu Dhabi strictly used to the follow the Sharia Islamic law this is a huge progress. Consider taking the advise of a wedding specialist and find a method that works best for you.

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