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Easy wedding alternatives for Kuwait expats: Dubai

Dubai as an Easy wedding alternative for Kuwait expats

You’ve come to the perfect site if you’re an expat residing in Kuwait and want an easy wedding. Almost all world religions and cultures follow a similar kind of marriage ceremony. Dubai is home to several incredibly lavish wedding locations, but booking one of them may be both expensive and difficult. As long as the marriage is documented by the court or the pertinent embassy, there are several ways to be married legally in Dubai. Dubai is the GCC country that expats find to be the most accommodating for marriages.

What you need to get married in Dubai

  • There must be at least one individual with a Dubai work or residence visa.
  • On the day of the wedding, both parties must appear in person at the Dubai Court.
  • National identification of the couple
  • The passports of the couple
  • Status of the couple’s visas
  • Medical checkup before marriage

Muslim women must have a guardian and two male witnesses. They cannot be their own representatives. If the bride’s father is unable to be present on the wedding day, he may designate a proxy guardian. This proxy must be of the same faith as the father. A certified power of attorney should also be provided.

Requirements for non-Muslim expats

Although the Dubai government has not yet permitted civil weddings, it is relatively possible for non-Muslim expats to hold an easy wedding in Abu Dhabi.

The new rule allows UAE residents, tourists, and visitors to marry in Abu Dhabi as long as they meet the legal conditions.

Other alternatives for tying the knot for Kuwait expats

Dubai offers a number of wedding possibilities, but depending on your country and residence status, getting married in Dubai can be straightforward, time-consuming, or difficult. If you’re spending the majority of your time shopping for the perfect wedding gown and agonizing about the venue, it may be time to take a breather and consider the paperwork you’ll need to complete to make your big day a reality.

Final verdict on an easy wedding for Kuwait expats

If you want to save money, consider other low-cost wedding destinations such as Georgia and Seychelles. These countries not only have breathtaking scenery but are also shockingly economical. Another excellent alternative for you would be to arrange an online wedding. Once legally married, you may simply register your marriage certificate with the civil court.

If you are an expat couple in Kuwait wishing to marry in Dubai or arranging an easy destination wedding, please contact one of our staff members right away.

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