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Dubai nationals now have the option to celebrate a mass wedding UAE


When everything is lavish in a city, having an intimate wedding can be challenging. People who can’t bear the expenses of their marriages, but want to share joyous occasions with their families can take the advantage of our mass wedding services in Dubai. The flexibility of this gives you the choice of celebrating your wedding the way you want, without being under pressure to have a grand ceremony.

Do you know when the UAE started organizing mass weddings?

Expo 2020 Dubai hosted a large-scale traditional wedding performed by the Fazaa Social Security Fund of the Ministry of Interior on March 11. At the event, His Highness General Sheikh Saif Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior (MOI), congratulated the 100 grooms assembled at Gayath Trail. In its first mass wedding, the Ministry provided its young supporters who are getting married with beautiful presents to help them start their families. In this way, “Fazaa” attempts to revive the social traditions of the UAE.

What is the purpose of the UAE government encouraging citizens to register for mass weddings?

Emirates citizens were invited to a mass wedding announced by the Ministry of Community Development. The motto is to help young couples embark on a life together without breaking the bank. It is common for UAE brides and grooms to hold large weddings recently in an effort to preserve cultural norms.

Recommendations on the ideal way of getting married for UAE nationals and expats:

When it comes to a cost-effective marriage, UAE citizens can enjoy a mass wedding and begin their lives together. Expats, however, cannot get married through this process, better to opt for Georgia Seychelles or get married online as the best possible choices. Having the wedding in these destinations is not only cost-effective but also rather simpler than most of the countries.

You can share your entangled thoughts with our highly skilled easy-wedding team and get honest opinions on how to get married within your budget.

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