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Dubai Vs Georgia Marriage for GCC Residents in 2021

Dubai Vs Georgia Marriage for GCC Residents in 2021

Getting married is everyone’s inherent right. But if you are living in GCC then you’d already know that it can get very complicated there especially if you and your partner belong to different nationalities and religions. That’s why we have come up with the easiest way, which is Georgia marriage for GCC residents. Continue reading to find out the process of Dubai Vs Georgia marriage for GCC residents.

Embassy Wedding In GCC

If you’re living in Dubai or any other GCC country then you can opt for an embassy wedding. But first, you’ll need to discuss with your embassy about your unique case. Then the embassy will provide you with all the requirements you need to fulfill. Depending upon your scenario, these requirements can be very complicated. The situation gets even worse if you belong to one nationality or religion and your partner does to another. That’s where the Georgia marriage for GCC residents comes into place.

Georgia Marriage for GCC Residents

If you are a foreigner residing in a GCC country, the best option for you to be married is to get married in Georgia. Bear in mind that we’re discussing the country, not a specific US state.

Georgia has an easy-to-follow wedding procedure. Georgia’s marriage requirements are also straightforward. It’s one of the main reasons why Georgia is regarded as one of the best places for GCC residents to marry.

This country is only three hours away by plane from the GCC. The best thing about this country for GCC citizens is that most people can visit without a visa. Furthermore, you and your spouse can easily marry here, even if you and your partner are of different nationalities and beliefs.

After being married in Georgia, you will receive an apostille wedding certificate. The benefit of this certificate is that it is recognized as a legal document in hundreds of nations. The cost of the wedding here is also less than the expense of an embassy wedding.

Final Words on Dubai Vs Georgia Marriage for GCC Residents in 2021

Getting married in Georgia can be your best bet if you are a foreigner living in GCC. It’ll keep you from all the hassle that you need to experience otherwise.

If you know someone who wants to get married in GCC, then share this valuable information with them.

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