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Easy wedding guide for Oman expats

Easy wedding guide for Oman expats in UAE

The wedding day is a dream for every couple. But getting married in any GCC country including Dubai can be a hectic and long process. Dubai is home to some extraordinary luxurious wedding venues but these can cost a fortune and can be near impossible to secure. There are several options to have a legal wedding in Dubai as long as the marriage is registered in the court or the relevant embassies.

General requirements for an easy wedding in Dubai for Oman expats

  • Bride’s approval
  • Valid resident permit for either the bride or the groom
  • Valid Passports
  • Pre-marital screening certificate from public healthcare facilities
  • Muslim couples are married under Sharia law which requires a never-ending list of documents
  • 18 years of age according to the Islamic calendar
  • The age gap between the spouses should not be twice the other
  • Attendance of the bride’s father or her male guardian plus two male Muslim witnesses
  • Divorced or widowed Muslim women need to provide proof of status

Easy wedding requirements in UAE for non-Muslim Oman expats

Although the government of Dubai has not yet allowed civil marriages, it is very feasible for non-Muslim expats to have an easy wedding through the Abu Dhabi court.

The new law permits UAE residents, tourists and visitors to get married in Abu Dhabi, provided they can fulfil the legal requirements

  • The legal age of both parties (18 years or more)
  • Free consent of both parties
  • A declaration form signed by both parties to deny any previous marriages.
  • Proof of no record of an existing marriage
  • completed and signed marriage application form
  • Copy of passport/Emirates ID for both parties
  • Marriage agreement (optional)

Conclusion on an easy wedding In Dubai for Oman expats

Although Dubai offers decent options to have your wedding amidst the Middle Eastern beauty of the country, be prepared for the process to take a bit longer. If time is not a constraint; and you have all the necessary documents; you can get married quite easily.

However if you are looking for a fast wedding; our other expats generally push expats to prefer countries like Georgia or Seychelles with more accommodating marriage laws. For those who are unable to afford traveling due to lack of time or finances, opt for the option of an online wedding.

Are you an Oman expat looking for easy wedding ideas? Want to discuss your options further? Feel free to contact one of our team members.

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