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Easy Wedding is happy to announce the opening of our new office in Dubai


While the pandemic shook the core essence of the wedding industry; tech based startup Easy Wedding was born. What started from the founders’ own experience has now grown to become one of the most promising tech startups in the wedding industry, spanning their operations across the Mena region, Georgia, and even Seychelles.

From new office spaces to raising funds and recruiting employees at various managerial and strategic positions, we are glad to have jumped into the next chapter of our company.

New Announcements

We are proud to announce that, due to our remarkable growth as a company, we are opening up in a new location in Dubai Internet City. This decision was made following a lengthy search for a new office location that could meet our current and future needs, and we are excited to call this our new home.

We will continue to offer the same friendly service at our new address, which will allow us more one-on-one time with our customers and the opportunity for more customised services to help them get married hassle-free.

After we raised the first round of investment, we are now a part of the new ecosystem of promising startups in the UAE. We are also looking forward to recruiting more professionals at the managerial and strategic level. Oh yes, our phone number is the same: 800 0320843

Come visit us at our new office in the heart of Dubai, Internet city.

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