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Georgia requirements for a marriage license- What Dubai couples need to know


Often, Dubai couples desire to go to other destinations for the purpose of marriage. Couples should know which documents to submit before the court. Thus, everything will go faster.

The requirements for a marriage license are achievable. To start with, the couple has to organize their documents beforehand. This will prevent them from forgetting any vital material. This post will consider the requirements for a marriage license in Georgia.


Of course, before doing any official transactions in a country, the couple must meet all the legal requirements. Among the basic requirements for a marriage license that Dubai couples must meet are;

  1. Their birth certificates 
  2. A completed marriage application form
  3. Death and divorce certificates from previous marriages
  4. A passport

The couple should come with the original copies of these documents. They also need a minimum of two persons who will serve as witnesses.


Couples who meet the Georgia marriage requirements complete the process within a short span of time. Normally one day is enough to process the papers. 

After certifying the union, legalization follows next. Translation, apostille, and notarization are some of the additional steps. A week or two is enough to complete these steps.


Compared to many other nations, Georgia is an easy country to get married in. Anyone can get these documents fast and seal their marriage without a lot of issues.

In addition to the easy legal system, Georgia also has a lot of beautiful structures. Dubai couples are invited to explore the smooth system available in Georgia to get their marriage license.

Prospective couples who wish to meet the Georgian requirements for a marriage license might have lingering questions that they wish to have answered. If you have such concerns, plan for a consultation with our expert wedding agency team who will be glad to provide the best directions.

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