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How can UAE residents get married in Tbilisi Georgia


The Marriage Laws in Dubai & other GCC countries make it incredibly hard for couples of different nationalities to get married. Which is why many; UAE residents have chosen Georgia to be the go-to destination to get married.

And let’s face it; Tbilisi Georgia is one of the convenient and beautiful locations you could ever get married in. The capital of Georgia offers beautiful warm weather all throughout the year making it the perfect destination to get married.

You might have a lot of questions by now, about the procedures, and requirements to get married in Tbilisi Georgia let us dig right in!

What are the requirements for obtaining a marriage license ?

To obtain a marriage license in Georgia; both partners are required to be present. Unlike GCC countries; there is no need for a necessary premarital medical test in Georgia. However; if any of the partner has been married before, they are required to produce the final divorce decree. They are also required to present the cause for the divorce and documentation.

Even foreigners can easily get married by simply presenting their driver’s license, passport, and residency ID (if applicable), all of which must be translated into the local language if they are not already fluent in it.

How quickly can you obtain the marriage license in Georgia ?

If you’ve planned ahead of time, getting your marriage license in Georgia is a breeze. In most circumstances, you will obtain the license within a day. If you choose to go through a government-approved premarital education program, it would only take a little longer, and it would even help to minimize the cost of your license.

What is the cost of the license?

Obtaining a marriage license from the court is only $56 in legal fees. However, if you choose the six-hour premarital education class, you can reduce your payment to $16. You can also apply online, and payments are accepted in all formats, so there’s no need to be concerned.

What are the legal stipulations for a UAE resident ?

Georgian law prohibits discrimination based on ethnicity, religion, or gender. To marry, you must be at least 18 years old and a marriage age by law.

If are just finding out about Tbilisi Georgia, marriage can seem a bit complicated. It is always preferable to enlist the services of specialists for a smoother and more dreamy wedding.

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