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How To Get Married in Dubai Court | foreigners get married in Dubai

How to have court marriage in Dubai – Dubai Court Marriage

Dubai attracts people from all over the world not only because of amazing sights and architecture but also because of the growing economy and opportunities. That’s why countless expats live in Dubai to make their living. Additionally, the number of foreigners getting married in Dubai is also increasing day after day. It’s very important to seek proper counseling before you jump into starting the new chapter of your life. This article will guide you about some of the most important requirements and guidelines that you’ll require for Dubai court marriage.

Requirements to get married in Dubai court!

Every Muslim wedding in Dubai must be registered in the UAE’s sharia court in order to make sure that marriage meets all the legal conditions and requirements.

For Emiratis

There are a few steps that Emirati bride and groom need to fulfill which are:

  • Presence of legal guardians and a couple of Muslim witnesses at the court
  • A certified and approved pre-marriage medical certificate issued by only government clinics or hospitals that show the negative results of HIV/AIDS and thalassemia.

Emiratis Marrying Non-Emiratis

Dubai law allows Emiratis to marry Non-Emiratis but only in the situation where you meet all the legal requirements. Some of the most important ones are:

  • If an Emiratis woman wants to marry a Non-Emiratis man, then her guardian or Wali (mostly father) must show his consent
  • If an Emiratis (Muslim) woman wants to marry a Non-Emiratis man, then the man must be Muslim or convert to Islam. He’ll need to show his legal documents to prove his religion as Islam.

Bear in mind that if any of the spouses already have children (non-citizen), then they will not receive citizenship until they turn 18-year-old.

Expats Court Marriage in Dubai for Muslims

All the Muslim expats must meet the following conditions in order to marry in the Dubai court. It follows the Sharia marriage procedure for Muslims.

  • The very first step is to register him/herself to marry in the UAE by submitting a wedding form in Dubai Court
  • At least one of the spouses must have a residence or employment visa in Dubai
  • On the day of the wedding, both of the spouses must be present at Dubai court with their respective visa statuses, national IDs, and passports.
  • Muslim women must have their father or guardian with their presence at the court
  • Two Muslim male witnesses must also be present
  • If the bride’s father has passed then she’ll need to present the original death certificate. Moreover the court will also require the presence of the closest male guardian like Uncle, brother, etcetera.
  • If the father is alive and can’t reach Dubai court on the day of the wedding then he can send a proxy guardian who must also be Muslim.

Expats Court Marriage in Dubai for Non-Muslims

For Non-Muslims, the requirements of documents and paperwork differ from country to country. But here is a list of some of the basic requirements for Non-Muslim foreigners to marry in Dubai Court.

  • Both of the spouses must be 18 years old
  • They also need two witnesses on the wedding day with their respective national IDs and passports
  • Both of the spouses must have photocopies as well as the original passports
  • The original birth certificate
  • Pre-marriage medical fitness certificate
  • Former marriage certificate in case of divorce
  • Original death certificate in case of window

Final word on How to have court marriage in Dubai – Dubai Court Marriage

It’s important to note that Non-Muslims in Dubai can only get married through their related consulates and embassies. Each consulate and embassy follow their country’s laws. Additionally, the time duration to complete the documentation also varies from nationality to nationality.

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