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How to Get Married in Dubai for Filipinos? | Dubai Filipino wedding requirements

How to – Get Married in Dubai for Filipinos?

Living in Dubai is not all rainbows and sunshine. Just like any other place on earth, living in Dubai also requires much effort and struggle. One of the most daunting things to do while living in Dubai is to get married. If you’re a Filipino couple then keep on reading because this article is all about how to get married no annulment for Filipinos. It will tell you the most important requirements to get married in Dubai for Filipinos.

Requirements to Get Married in Dubai for Filipinos

You need to ensure that you have firmed up all the necessary documents and paperwork. You don’t want to end up running in circles. That’s because it can leave you with a lot of confusion and a bundle of nerves as your big day comes closer.

There are some specific conditions for Filipino couples such as approved and attested documents by various authorities. We recommend you to spare some time other than selecting your perfect outfit to read the following requirements.

The List of Requirements for Filipino in Dubai

  • A marriage application form each for both spouses
  • One joint affidavit form
  • One marriage announcement form
  • Report on the marriage

Required Enclosures for How to get married no Annulment for Filipinos:

  • For both groom and bride, recent passport size photos
  • NSO CENOMAR with the Department of Foreign Affairs authentication
  • Consent of parents authenticated by DFA
  • Original as well as copies of passport
  • The advice of parents authenticated by DFA
  • Certificate of civil status from the consulate or embassy for the applicant living in Dubai
  • Pre marriage medical certificate with the negative results of diseases such as HIV/AIDS and thalassemia.

One of the most important things that we mostly experience is that a lot of Filipinos already have married and divorce is forbidden. Additionally, it’s almost impossible to get a marriage annulment in the Philippines. For people with such scenarios, especially women having their ex-husband name in their passport, UAE is out of question. Because providing a singleness or divorce certificate is necessary. Moreover, almost every country is out of question in such cases.

However, every situation is unique and we advise you to contact our team in order to find out if anything can be done,

Where the Wedding Ceremony Will Take Place

It’s very important to keep in mind that Filipino marriage can take place in the Filipino consulate if the person is a Filipino national. If any of the spouses is not national then such a couple must look for another wedding venue. They can marry in Church if they are Christian. But in that case, you have to make sure that you meet the fee requirements of the church because that won’t be free. Moreover, they will also need to comply with all the requirements by the church that can be added.

If the Filipino couple is Muslim then they’ll have to opt for the Islamic court marriage according to Sharia law. Moreover, the couple will also need to bring a couple of Muslim witnesses with their respective national IDs and passports.

Filipino Weddings in Dubai and Pandemic

Due to the current situation of the world (COVID-19), mass weddings are still not permitted at the Filipino consulate in Dubai. There are only one or two ceremonies at a time.

Additionally, you might also have a very short time in the consulate for pictures. You most probably will need to spend much time because many other couples would be waiting in the queue. The consulate will send your documents to DFA for registration procedure and that’s about it.

Final Word on How to Get Married in Dubai for Filipinos

In order to marry in Dubai for Filipinos is certainly possible just like many other nationalities. The only thing to keep in mind that you just need to complete the documentation and all the legal requirements. It might take a little time and effort.

If you’re a Filipino and want to get married in Dubai, let us know in the comment section below. We’ll get back to you right away.

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