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How to get married in Georgia fast if you live in the GCC countries?


Do you want to hold your wedding in Georgia? This article discusses the most significant considerations to make while getting married in Georgia if you live in any of the GCC countries. Our suggestions will help you get closer to the fairy tale wedding you’ve always imagined.


When it comes to getting married, there are four key countries: Seychelles, Denmark, Cyprus, and Georgia. The process is simple and straightforward in these four nations. But, depending on which GCC country you reside from; you will need to gain further knowledge to examine.

This is why Georgia is one of the top places for GCC residents to get married.

  • Georgia is only a three-hour flight away.
  • Most GCC residents do not need a visa, especially if they hold a UAE resident visa in their passport.
  • Couples of other countries or religions are also welcome to marry there.
  • The cost of the wedding is usually less than that of the embassy
  • Georgia gives Apostille wedding certificates, which indicates that the wedding will be recognized in over a hundred countries.


The best alternative is to inquire directly at your embassy about the process and processes involved in getting married. The majority of the time, they will ask for a large number of documents. If you and your partner share the same religion and nationality, it could be a nice match.

Similarly, if you and your partner are both Muslims, another option is to marry in a court in one of the GCC nations.

However; what we do need to keep in mind; that if your partner if he or she is of a different religion or nationality the list of documents could be rather long, tedious and complicated; completing putting you off from the excitement of getting married to your loved one.


Georgia offers an alluring combination of fantastic weather, great locations, legendary hospitality and a quick hassle free wedding; making it an ideal location for any couple.

In addition to the above mentioned benefits, there are so many gorgeous and picturesque settings to say “I do” that it can be overwhelming.

All we can say is that if you’re seeking for a great country to get married, Georgia is one of the top choices.

If you have any more reservations or questions, you can always book your online consultation with us and you never know we might have the opportunity to get you married in the best possible way!

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