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How to get married in Georgia for GCC


Why GCC residents choose Georgia to get married

Georgia has a straightforward wedding process. It’s one of the key reasons why Georgia is considered one of the greatest destinations in the Gulf Cooperation Council to marry.

It is only three hours distant from most GCC countries by plane. The best feature about this country is that most individuals may visit without a visa.

What makes Georgia the ideal destination in comparison to Dubai

If you live in one of the GCC countries; you would have known by now; that marrying someone outside your nationality and faith is pretty much a lengthy process which could take about months till you get your papers in place.

Whereas, In Georgia if you and your partner are of different ethnicities and faiths, you and your spouse can easily married here. This certificate has the advantage of being recognized as a legal document in hundreds of countries.

Let’s cut to the chase quite quick here; the cost of a wedding in Georgia is less than the cost of a wedding at an embassy. Now, if you’re going to spend money on your wedding anyhow, you might as well keep it under control by organizing a destination wedding in Georgia.

In conclusion to how to get married in Georgia for GCC residents

If you are looking for a simple wedding; no frills attached; then Georgia is the place. It offers some stunning locations to make your wedding pictures look magical and it could be the dream wedding you’ve always longed for at the fraction of a price.

If you are GCC resident and contemplating over Georgia or Dubai; get in touch with us and we’d be happy to help you out.

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