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How to get married in UAE + Legal Wedding Cost


Not everyone desires a spectacular wedding and spends a lot of money on the big day. That’s perfectly OK. The expense of weddings in Dubai, including court marriages, rises every year.

If you are getting married in Dubai; here’s what you would need with the documentation and the paperwork. And to make your life even simpler; we have put together; what a legal wedding cost would be.

Documents required to get married in UAE

There’s a funny joke around the town that says; its easier to find a bride in Dubai than put all the paper togethers. Simply because the UAE is pretty strict when it comes to its laws and ensures that every documentation is in place before the couple decide to tie the knot. Here’s the requirement

  1. First and foremost; the approval of the bride-to-be
  2. Both nationality certificates would be required
  3. The couple’s religious beliefs
  4. The citizenship of the two partners.
  5. Valid UAE residency status of both partners.
  6. Passports that are valid and in good working order
  7. The couple’s Emirates IDs who are set to marry
  8. The couple’s visa situation
  9. Premarital screening test results from DHA basic healthcare clinics.
  10. The couple’s birth certificates to determine whether they are over the age of 18.
  11. Documentation of the prior spouse’s divorce or death.
  12. Witnesses to the divine act of marriage must have valid functional IDs.

Cost for getting legally married

If you are living in Dubai and decided to tie the knot here; mentioned below are some the most crucial legal wedding cost.

  • A pre-marriage screening test, which is mandatory, can cost you between AED 250 and AED 900, depending on the medical centre you choose.
  • The court charge for the wedding process in Dubai is AED 1800.
  • The MoFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) form attestation charge is AED 160, which is needed for the documents that you require attested from this institute.
  • Aside from these; you will have to go through the legalization process in your place of origin. The cost of legalizing a marriage from country to country and is determined by the specific protocol that every embassy follows. However, each stamp in your home nation can be quite expensive and can set you back around 45 dollars.

Final Verdict on choosing to get married in the UAE

Keep in mind that compared to your other expenses, the amount you’ll need to spend on legal wedding costs may be tiny. As a result, we recommend consulting with a professional wedding planner to receive an estimate of how much money you’ll need for your wedding.

Planning a wedding in Dubai can be expensive; do not hesitate to book a call with us if you need to evaluate your wedding finances and legal cost.

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