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How to Get Married Online: Overview


The aftermath of the Coronavirus pandemic has led to an increase in online weddings. So, many countries introduced amendments to the marriage law. And, some even made new laws for couples to get married online.

Initially, marriages are only legally valid if the couples appear in person in front of the officiant. But, now you can attend virtual weddings with the required documents. Hence marry online is simpler than before.

How to get married online – Step-By-Step Guide

Each country has a different set of requirements. This guide will give you an overview of the steps for the online wedding process:

Step 1: Get a marriage officiant online

Finding the person who will actually perform your wedding is an important task. A legal officiant can only perform the wedding ceremony. However, the rule is different in Dubai or other middle east countries. Here a religious priest can perform the ritual.

Any country that permits online weddings allows you to hire a legal officiant. So, you do not have to marry in the country where you currently reside. Obviously, your prospective spouse doesn’t have that option either.

Step 2: Obtain a Marriage License

To obtain a marriage license, schedule an appointment with the authority of your country. But, there are some countries where you may require an appointment beforehand. Also, countries have different laws regarding marriage licenses before marriage.

Step 3: Submit all required documents – in person or virtually

Here are the things you’ll need:

  • Identity proof (typically a license or passport depending on the state).
  • Witness (Not all states require witnesses).
  • The name, birthplace, and date of birth (DOB, full name, birth state).
  • Documentation of the previous divorce or death of the partner (if applicable).
  • Money for the marriage license fee.

Step 4: Choose a Video Streaming Platform for Wedding

Nowadays, you can find streaming video platforms everywhere. Subsequently, it gives you a lot more options to choose from than you may actually want.

International weddings prefer popular platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, or similar ones. However, Zoom stands out as the most popular, easy-to-use option. Currently, zoom links are easy to send to all guests and participants. In short, it eliminates the major burden of attendance in marriage.

Step 5: Time to “GET MARRIED”

Now, you have completed formal responsibilities. It’s time to go online and marry your love of life. 

If you two live in two foreign countries, getting married online can be a bit tricky. Make sure you are making the right decision for your special day. It is always a good idea to speak to a wedding consultant.

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