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Impact of new laws on expat marriages in Abu Dhabi


The expat community in Dubai and Abu Dhabi has exploded in recent years; accounting for around 90% of the UAE’s overall population. There are many expatriates from India, Pakistan, and Asia. However; the British expat population, which numbers over 250,000, is the largest among Westerners.

In this article we shed light on the new marriage laws and its impact on expat marriages in Abu Dhabi.

Previous UAE laws

Until very recently; the UAE strictly followed the Sharia Islamic law; which meant it was prohibited for a Muslim to marry a Non-Muslim unless the partner decides to convert to Islamic.

However; in the latest step taken by the United Arab Emirates and to maintain its competitive edge commercial powerhouse, and attract more foreigners and expats living from different parts of the world; new laws have been implemented that reflect the modernized Abu Dhabi.

New laws in Abu Dhabi

According to the new laws; announced on Sunday by Abu Dhabi’s ruler, non-Muslims would be permitted to marry, divorce, and have shared child custody under civil law.

The law includes civil marriage, divorce, alimony, shared child custody and proof of paternity, and inheritance, according to Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed al-Nahayan of Abu Dhabi, who is also president of the UAE federation of seven emirates.

Final Verdict of New laws on expat marriages in Abu Dhabi

Last year, the UAE made a number of federal-level law changes, including decriminalizing premarital sexual encounters and alcohol consumption.

The new laws definitely would be seen as a positive impact on expat marriages in Abu Dhabi. Couples of other faith would now be able to get married without be penalized or convicted for being in love with someone other than their own religion.

After Dubai, Abu Dhabi is considered to be the next big hub for expats living in the Middle East. The new laws along with other initiatives like extending visas, are a way for the Gulf being more appealing to international investment, tourists, and long-term residency.

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