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Is online marriage legal for Dubai expats moving to Canada


Due to strict laws and restrictions many Dubai expats are considering relocating to many western countries. Canada is an excellent choice for anyone who want to establish a family in a new country.

Many expats seeking a better quality of life choose to relocate to Canada due to many reasons. The majority of the population lives close the US border, and with a more balanced work-life balance. Those who choose city life in Toronto or Montreal become part of various and multicultural communities.

In this article; we elaborate whether an online marriage is legal for some considering to marry virtually and then move to Canada.

Canadian immigration laws explained

Couples who have never lived together have limited options for bringing someone into Canada as their legally recognized spouse. The only option is a legally recognized marriage in which both of you were physically present.

If you and your partner live in Dubai or another GCC country, you should be aware of the tedious paperwork of getting married here in the UAE. Moreover; if you are Muslim and you’re partner is a non Muslim getting married becomes all the more complicated.

This explains why many expats have chosen alternative options such as going to Georgia or even getting married online. However if want to move to Canada, getting married online is not the best option as Canada does not recognize online marriages.

Getting married in Dubai for expats

Muslim expats can choose to get married under the Sharia law which is a simple process. And non Muslim couples can opt for the Non Muslim civil court. Both of these marriage can be attested and legalized for your move to Canada.

However as mentioned above, if any one of the partner is Muslim the process of getting married in the UAE becomes really complicated. As per the law, one must convert to get married in the UAE or any other GCC countries plus other documents such as the emirates id, medical proof would also be required.

Why an online wedding is not legal in Canada

Although with an online marriage you could marry from the comfort of your home; it is super important to note; that the Canadian government does not recognize such a marriage. The ban on internet marriage was enacted primarily to alleviate the vulnerability of women in the immigration situation.


Government of Canada, 2020

Best ways to marry for Dubai expats to migrate to Canada

If you think you’re situation is complicated to marry in UAE and other GCC countries; then the best destinations we recommend would be Georgia and Seychelles.

Civil marriage in both these countries is not restricted based on nationality or religious views. Furthermore, the marriage certificates have international validity, allowing couples to sponsor their partners.

Confused about a wedding in Dubai, Georgia or other destinations; book a consultation with our team of legal wedding experts.

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