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How Does Marriage Work for Foreigners Living in Saudi Arabia? | How foreigners can marry in the KSA

Procedure for Foreigners Marriage in Saudi Arabia!

Just like expat marriages in UAE, getting married in Saudi Arabia is not the easiest thing to achieve especially for foreigners. There is a long list of requirements that anyone who wished to marry in this country has to fulfill. If you are living in the KSA as an expat and want to get married then you have come to the right place.

This article will inform you of all the necessary requirements to get married in Saudi Arabia. Moreover, it also contains very valuable information about the alternatives to get married more easily in the least possible time. Keep on reading to find out everything that you need to know about foreigners marriage in Saudi Arabia. So, Let’s jump into it.

Requirements to Get Married in the KSA

As mentioned, that getting married in the KSA is not the easiest way to get your wedding certificate. Here are some of the most important requirements that all Muslim ex-pats need to fulfill before getting married in Saudi Arabia.

  • The bride and the Groom both must have residence permit known and Iqama
  • The bride must have her sponsor’s permission in a written form
  • Both of the spouses must agree to the marriage terms and conditions
  • All the religious practices to get married must be performed and both bride and the groom must agree to them
  • Both the marriage ceremony and license will take place at Saudi family courts
  • An approval letter from the competent authority must be provided with a couple of witnesses
  • A pre-marriage medical test report must also be provided
  • The representative of the bride and the groom must be physically present
  • The guardian of the bride must also be present

Requirements for Non-Muslim

Honestly speaking there is not a better way to get married while staying in Saudi Arabia for the Non-Muslim foreigners except opting for getting married in their respective embassy. It usually takes much time but it depends upon nationality to nationality. But now due to the COVID-19, it’s also not very reliable. That’s why it’s better for the Non-Muslim and even Muslim foreigners to opt for destination weddings or online weddings. Not only will it save them a lot of unwanted hassle but it will also save them a lot of time as well.

Final Word on Marriage Procedure for Foreigners in Saudi Arabia!

Just like the UAE, the KSA is not an ideal place to get married because of its very strict laws. Choose to get married online or go for a destination wedding.

If you know any foreigner living in Saudi Arabia who wants to get married, share this valuable information with them.

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