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How to Get Married Easy Without Traveling – It Can Be Your Go-to if Dubai Wedding Gets Too Complicated


If you are living in Dubai for quite some time now, you must already know that the wedding process is not the best one here. It’s very long and can take months. If you want to get married immediately then continue reading this article. It will allow you to understand how to get married online without traveling.

How to Get Married Easy Without Traveling! Is That Actually Online?

Well if you see it from your perspective, then yes, it is online. But it’s an off-line wedding process from our perspective as our team of lawyers gets it done in some other country.

What Do You Need to Do to Get Married Online?

The fact of the matter is that you really don’t need to do anything. Our team of lawyers will schedule a meeting with your right after you contact us to get married online. They will get all the necessary information from you for the online wedding process. then they will figure out if it’s possible for your particular case or not. If it is then they will start the online wedding process right away.

How Does Online Wedding Take Place?

You’ll need to provide us with the passport and the power of attorney. Our team of lawyers will apply for your wedding in some other country on your behalf. Then the marriage registrar will issue the wedding certificate that further undergoes a legalization process. We receive the original hard copy of the wedding certificate after that process and we complete the final step of legalization. Once all it’s done, we send the original and fully legalized wedding certificate to your address in Dubai and that’s about it.

Concluding How to Get Married Easy Without Traveling – It Can Be Your Go-to if Dubai Wedding Gets Too Complicated

We hope now you understand how to get married easy without traveling. It’s important to bear in mind that you won’t be able to find your wedding certificate anywhere online. As mentioned, we provide this service for your convenience but the marriage registration takes place off-line. So, it’s technically not an online wedding process.

If you need to get married immediately and you’re in Dubai then contact us right away. We would love to help.

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