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Planning a wedding over the long weekend UAE in 2021

Planning a wedding over the long weekend UAE in 2021

For the rest of 2021, UAE residents will get one last long weekends. In this article; we shed light on the holiday dates and what does this mean for people who want to get married.

Past holiday weekends in UAE 2021

The UAE has had a year of long weekends, with the first one occurring on the eve of Eid Al Fitr in May, when residents enjoyed a five-day break from May 11 to 15.

On the eve of the Islamic New Year, residents were given a three-day holiday. The Hijri year began on August 10th, but on August 12th, an official holiday was announced, followed by a two-day weekend.

The most recent long weekend was in July, when inhabitants enjoyed a six-day respite from Monday, July 19 (Arafah Day) through Saturday, July 24. This was the year’s longest break for inhabitants.

To commemorate Prophet Muhammad’s birthday, another three-day weekend is expected to stretch from Thursday, October 21, to Saturday, October 23. (PBUH).

Next dates for the long weekend holiday

On the occasion of Commemoration Day and UAE National Day, the final break will extend four days, from Wednesday, December 1 to Saturday, December 4.

What does this mean for people planning a wedding

Most UAE residents and expats; find it difficult to get married whilst having long working hours. Often enough we have found couples trying to squeeze in their wedding in their erratic schedule. However; the long weekend in UAE and Qatar is the perfect opportunity for getting married.

If you haven’t booked your wedding at the Dubai or Qatar court yet; we recommend couples to fly down to countries such as Georgia and Seychelles. Both countries welcome UAE residents with easy visa facilities. And its the perfect way to wrap up your wedding with a quick holiday in the mountains or the beaches.

Keen on to know more about getting married over the long week; book a call with our team of expert wedding planners.

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