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Planning your wedding in Dubai vs an easy marriage country, Georgia

Planning your wedding in Dubai Vs with an easy marriage country, Georgia

Dubai is known for many good things and this is why it is a favorite holiday hub for many people. However, weddings between foreigners might not be so seamless. Georgia on the other hand is a hotspot wedding destination for expats in Dubai and we will discuss why this is so in the following paragraphs.

Some challenges of marrying in Dubai

Despite the new 2021 marriage law which has made Dubai civil marriages possible compared to previous years, some might be dissuaded from getting married in this country for other reasons like how soon could one marry.

Dubai Vs Georgia: An Easy Marriage country

Below you will find a list of factors that make Georgia an easy marriage country when compared to Dubai.

  • Fast Marriage Processing: Within a 24-hour time period, a marriage can be registered in Georgia. The couple can then go ahead to have their ceremonial wedding. In Dubai, they may have to wait up to a month for registration.
  • Few Official Documents Required: Unlike Dubai where a residence permit is compulsory for one of the individuals getting married, Georgia requires only a passport, so a residence permit is optional. For this reason, tourists and visitors can easily get married in Georgia.
  • Flexible Civil Laws: The civil laws that guide daily living in Dubai might not be upheld by young non-Islamic couples who would always want to express their affection for each other. In Georgia, couples are not limited by laws.

Concluding thoughts on Dubai Vs Georgia as a easy marriage country

Compared to Dubai, Georgia has laws that quicken marriage registration. The required documents are few in number. Also, the couple can complete the proceedings within their own schedule.

To get your Georgian marriage, all you need is to make arrangements to visit the country with the necessary papers.. Having gathered the above facts about the perks of getting married in Georgia, you might still have some lingering doubts.

However if you have all the necessary documents in place and your wedding situation is not that complicated; one can seamlessly get married in Dubai.

Kindly book a consultation with our team of wedding experts to understand between Dubai Vs Georgia as your wedding destination.

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