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Requirements for a second marriage in UAE

Looking for a second marriage in the UAE

Life has its ups and downs. It could be that a spouse dies, your circumstances change, or you simply fall out of love and realize that being happy with other people is the greatest decision for both of you. Second marriages can be particularly remarkable in this regard, as they represent a second opportunity at happiness.

This article sheds light on the requirements for a second marriage in the UAE; and how to get married in UAE if you are a Muslim.

Muslim Marriage Laws in the UAE

Married couples have legal obligations to each other for the rest of their lives or until they opt to divorce. The marriage contract must be filed in a Sharia court in the United Arab Emirates, ensuring that the marriage satisfies all legal criteria.

The rules and procedures for marriage in the United Arab Emirates differ from one religion to the next and from one country to the next. The first marriage terminates with death or divorce, and the remarriage of one person is referred to as the second marriage.

Legal Pre-requisites for getting married in the UAE

1: Age restriction: To marry, both partners (male and female) must be 18 years old or older.
2: Two witnesses: Two witnesses are required for a wedding in Dubai, and they must prepare their IDs.

Culturally and nationally, these legal criteria differ.

Documents for the second marriage

  • If the reason for the second marriage is that of divorce, you’ll need your birth certificate, passport, and photocopies, the passports of the two witnesses’, a medical fitness certificate UAE, divorce papers, and a previous marriage certificate.
  • In the case of a spouse’s death, you’ll need your birth certificate, passport, and photocopies, passport copies of the two witnesses, UAE medical fitness certificate, and death certificate of your previous spouse.

Final Verdict of the tying the knot for the second time

If two individuals of the same religion live in Dubai and want to marry, it is easier for both of them to do so. However, the complications start to arise when two people of different religions wish to marry, it can be difficult. If a Muslim man and a Hindu lady wish to marry, she must first join Islam and become a Muslim before they can marry.

For wedding applicants, Dubai courts provide online services that can be completed through a standard online registration platform. Getting married in Dubai is a difficult undertaking that necessitates a great deal of paperwork.

If you are struggling to get the paperwork for your second marriage; feel free to knock at our door and we’d love to make this a hassle-free process.

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