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Seychelles marriage requirements: Do You Need a Certificate of Singleness to Get Married in Seychelles?


Seychelles’ islands offer enormous diversity with idyllic backdrops surrounded by incredible natural beauty for a perfect tropical wedding. The memories of a wedding with a romantic ambiance and the welcoming smile of the Seychellois people will live with you forever. Additionally, the hassle-free and easy vow taking make your wedding in Seychelles a perfect and most efficient solution. If this question pops in your head “do I need a certificate of singleness at Seychelles wedding as one of the Seychelles marriage requirements” then keep on reading to find out. Find here all the Wedding Requirements in Seychelles is you’re from UAE.

Is certificate of singleness is one of the Seychelles Marriage Requirements?

The STB (Seychelles Tourism Board) with the help of the Civil Status Office has provided guidelines that explain all the legal requirements. If you are living in the UAE then you’ll be needing certain documents to get married in Seychelles that the Civil Status Office requires from the UAE couples.

The guidelines also require a document that illustrates that there is no lawful or impediment hindrance to the marriage that you intend. In simple words, you need a certificate of singleness at a Seychelles wedding.

What if I don’t Have a certificate of singleness at the Seychelles wedding?

It’s also equally possible that you might not have any document that explains your singleness status. In such a case, you’ll have to obtain that certificate to prove that there is no lawful or impediment hindrance. 

With that said, the authorities offer flexibility and don’t make any issue if you don’t have a singleness certificate. Moreover you can also sign an affidavit in Seychelles after making a solemn declaration that there is no lawful and impediment hindrance to your marriage. As a result, you’ll receive an affidavit that you will be able to use as a singleness certificate. The whole process is as easy as it sounds and it doesn’t take much time.

The final word on Seychelles marriage requirements

We hope that you will find this information useful and it will help you to prepare and organize your big day in Seychelles. Getting married in Seychelles is undoubtedly the most efficient and easiest option for people living in the UAE.

Do you know someone worried about his/her singleness certificate for Seychelle’s wedding? Refer them here and we shall get on to planning their wedding in Seychelles.

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