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Seychelles wedding package for UAE expats

Why are Seychelles wedding packages so popular amongst UAE Expats

Are you planning on getting married in Seychelles. If so; you have stumbled upon the right place.

For foreign couples living in the UAE who wish to get married quickly and without hassle, a formal wedding in Seychelles is one of the best options. Since the Seychelles islands offer a larger choice of alternatives; picking a wedding package isn’t that difficult either.

Continue reading if you’re choosing a marriage package in the Seychelles to understand what it takes to make your dream wedding a reality.

Why do UAE expats choose getting married in Seychelles

Firstly, expats from the United Arab Emirates do not need a visa to visit the Seychelles.

Secondly; This lovely island nation, with its stunning beaches and azure sea, is only a few hours away from the UAE and offers quick and easy wedding options.

And finally it’s a great place to have your dream wedding and get a legal marriage licence. All of this, without having to pay for lawyers and paperwork.

What should your Seychelles marriage packages include

With the diversity; that Seychelles offers; the marriage packages really depends on the couples preferences.

But ideally; the marriage package would include your wedding in the Seychelles which take a little longer than 30 minutes. You will receive a verified marriage licence within 2-3 days of the event. The certified wedding certificate will be a real legal document after legalisation.

Couples are always advised to take help of local wedding planners; who can help you with the documentation and paperwork.

Additional marriage packages opted by couples getting married in Seychelles

Other requirements often requested by couples getting married are: videography, photography, the ceremonial arch, dinner or sometimes an intimate celebration for a small gathering.

Wedding planners also arrange for tours where couples can witness bird watching, appreciating nature’s best at parks with varied flora and fauna, sailboat and helicopter rides.

Visas on arrival are accessible with only a few criteria since the Indian Ocean islands are reasonably priced for wedding couples with limited travel budgets.

Wedding couples, in particular, have long recognized Seychelle’s growing prominence as a wedding destination. No wonder the wedding turns out into a long extended honeymoon too.

If you are UAE resident; keen on picking your Seychelles wedding package; give our team a call and see what packages would best suit your wedding.

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