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The Best Wedding Venues in Dubai


Dubai offers a range of wedding venues that encompass everything from churches and temples to vineyards and beaches. That’s because going to a destination wedding is more of a trend nowadays. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a lavish affair in order. The fact of the matter is that you can have a range of venues across the globe that can turn your bid day into something you always wish for. If you are searching for venues for destination weddings, you are in the right place. This article contains the best wedding venues in Dubai that will allow you to joy and celebrate love and togetherness.

Al Maha Desert Resort

It is one of the unique and best resorts in Dubai which is considered to be one of the exotic wedding venues. It provides you with a perfect background of special sand dunes. Getting married in the middle of a desert is undoubtedly a surreal experience. Moreover, the generous services, desert activities, and stunning views will allow you to have the wedding celebration of your dreams coming true.

Dubai Polo and Equestrian Club

If you have the idea of a unique wedding of elegance and poise, Dubai Polo and Equestrian Club is your best choice. This place will allow you to have a wedding ceremony under the starlit night sky or overlooking the breathtaking green polo fields during the day. it will make your wedding even more special when the bride will arrive in the carriage drawn by horses. It’s a perfect venue that will offer you authentic country vibes.

JW Marriott Marquis Hotel

If you want to have the taste and feel of urban Dubai, this place is for you. it is one of those places where the whole city will celebrate with you. The exciting music, buzzing energy, the rush of the city, and the range of venues such as the hotel pool deck are some of the best features for an amazing wedding experience. Moreover, the Burj e Khalifa in the background will add more value and character to make your wedding an experience to remember.

The Ritz-Carlton

People regard this place as one of the best yet most affordable wedding venues. It’s a perfect choice for you if you are on a budget. What’s more exciting is that the lush lawns, the blooming landscape, the beach facing awning and the traditional décor provides a unique and elegant setting for your wedding. The services are impressive and impeccable and this place ensures that it takes off all of your needs along with your budget.

Burj Al Arab Jumeirah

It is undoubtedly one of the fanciest hotels in the whole of Dubai. It will allow you to experience a luxury wedding at its best. This place will make sure that it doesn’t leave a single stone unturned to provide you with the wedding experience of your dreams. Additionally, the best part of marrying at this place is that it’s managed by the Jumeirah Group. The services that you will get are impressive and your wedding will be a treasured memory for even the family and guests as well.

Final Word on the Best Wedding Venues in Dubai

These are some of the best places to marry in Dubai. If you have completed all the requirements already then you only need to choose the venue according to your needs and that’s about it.

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