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The Love Story Behind Easy Wedding Georgia | Planning to get married in Georgia? We are here to guide you

The love story behind Easy Wedding Dubai

Flo and Liz are the brains, or better yet the hearts, of Easy Wedding. A startup that started in the pursuit of solving a problem they could not quite crack at the time – getting married. Living in Dubai made them subject to the laws and regulations in the UAE which meant getting married was not an easy task. This is their journey in what would eventually become Easy Wedding.

How they met and what happened after

Liz is from Paraguay but has been living in different countries from an early age. She travelled often because of her career. She has been in the GCC for 7 years now. Flo is from France and was living between Georgia & Dubai because of his business. He has been working abroad for 10 years now. Liz met Flo on his birthday and they steadily moved in each other’s life.

After some time of dating each other, like any couple, they decided that they wanted to move in together legally. Being aware of the laws in Dubai of living together for the couples that are not married (long before the recent changes), they decided that getting married would be the solution. However, the sentiment of getting married in church with all the family and loved ones was something that they wanted to save for later. They only need a marriage certificate right now. So, they decided to call their respective embassies which required a lot of documents and some time. They decided they didn’t want to wait.

“As a woman, working far from home for such a long time, I could not tolerate any longer to live my love story in the fear of becoming an outlaw in the eyes of the GCC regulations. Nevertheless, the main trigger for me to move into this adventure was when I realized that so many people were in the need of such a service. This, without them even knowing it, was possible.”

Liz Nunez, founder
Flo & Liz | Planning to get married in Georgia?
Flo & Liz

How Easy Wedding Dubai got started

They decided yo go for a quick and formal destination wedding in Georgia as Flo was familiar with the country and thought that it could be good to find solutions there. They called local wedding companies and all they wanted to sell them was a grand wedding, not fully understanding the problems that they were in at the time. It took about a month of consulting with lawyers and embassies in Georgia as well but a solution has been found. Flo and Liz got married with a certificate that is valid in Dubai.

“Being citizens of the world, we never understood why a love story could become such a headache when it comes to making it official. After living abroad for the last 10 years, we are deeply concerned by the high number of people not able to start a family for documentation issues. Our efforts are here to bring international people together. When there is love, there is a solution to find. If there is none, we will make one”

Florian Ughetto, Co-founder.
Flo & Liz | Going to tie the knot in Georgia?
Flo & Liz

Back in Dubai, they shared their experience with friends who were facing the same complications and problems about getting married in Dubai. Those friends shared Flo and Liz’ experience with their friends until it became a viable business. Flo decided to leave his job and do Easy Wedding Dubai full time until Liz could join him. Today this cute couple helps dozens of other lovebirds to say “I do” to each other, whether it’s happening in the UAE or abroad.

In the grand scheme of things, anyone can marry you anywhere. Their adventure started because in countries like the UAE or the GCC, getting married can be tough for international couples and a steady long process. Especially if your spouse is from a country which does not mandate itself the same way as the UAE or the GCC. However, all the problems that you could be facing, there is a solution. 

Share with us your experience about living by the UAE/GCC standards.

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