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Top 5 winter wedding movies

Top 5 Winter Wedding Movies for Brides-to-be

You’re probably fantasizing about walking through a winter wonderland on the day of your winter wedding. When it comes to your wedding, you’ll want it to be as lovely and fairy tale-like as possible.

There are many Hollywood movies inspired by winter weddings. You can use famous winter wonderland scenes and landscapes from classic movies to influence your personal wedding day design and ambience to make that fantasy come true.

In the article; we take our top 5 winter wedding movies that can be great inspiration points for your dream wedding.

1. The Holiday

Cameron Diaz’s character, one of the main characters, spends her holiday in a gorgeous home in England. This winter paradise scene; is one worth envying, blanketed in snow with a raging fire inside.

It’s also a scene worth considering for your wedding plans. Examine the quaint nature and attractiveness of this residence, as well as the surrounding scenery, to help you organize your ideal winter wedding, which is intimate, snug, and rustic.

2. Bridget Jones Diary

In a year in which she keeps a personal diary, Bridget Jones is motivated to develop herself while looking for love. The movie depicts; many scenes in the winters; and the famous scene where she runs on the streets of London to profess her love.

Take inspiration from the winters; the colors, the lights and keep a close watch out for the guests and how they dress at the various occasions.

3. Winter Wedding

When Hallie and Lucas become engaged, they start planning what one would call their perfect beach wedding. Sadly; even things start to fall apart, so Hallie and Lucas decide to have their wedding ceremony in the winters in the snow at Lucas’ mountain lodge.

From planning their winter wedding to surviving the family; this movie is a quintessential watch for every winter bride. Once can inspired by the complexities of planning an actual winter wedding and learn more about the do’s and don’ts

4. Sex and the City

In this film based on the television series, four New York women juggle friendship, family, jobs, and, most importantly, love. The holiday season, which includes Christmas and New Year’s, lasts several months.

If you need inspiration on your winter wedding attire; there is no one better than Sarah Jessica Parker aka Carrie. Your winter wedding inspiration board is right there with some fantastic fall and winter fashion.

5. Love Actually

Eight connected stories look at the complexity of love, the one feeling that unites us all. The film follows couples as they navigate into the winter season, learning about their relationship, love, heartbreak, and adversity.

This movie is just the ultimate romantic pick no matter what season of the year it is. But yes the climax of the movie; definitely has many winter inspired ideas that one could take note off.

If you are getting married this winter; its time to kickback over the weekend, watch a movie or two and time to get inspired. Book a consultation with our team of experts if you need any help.

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