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Tourist can now tie the knot as per the new UAE marriage law 2022

Tourist can now tie the knot as per the new UAE marriage law 2022

UAE is regarded as one of the world’s safest cities. People all around the world consider UAE to be an ideal destination to live, settle down, and raise a family. There are numerous reasons for this: the weather is often pleasant, housing options are plentiful, schools are excellent, and religious and cultural expression are freely exercised.

Many expat families have resided in the emirate for decades and consider it home. As a result, it’s not unexpected that a large number of foreigners marry in Dubai.

Tourists and people who live outside the Emirate will be able to marry under a new rule in Abu Dhabi. In this article; we explain the new UAE marriage law 2022 in more details

When was the law implemented?

To make Abu Dhabi more internationally appealing to international expats; the past few months have seen some some drastic changes in personal laws.

Recently, Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Presidential Affairs, and Chairman of the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department (ADJD), approved the regulations for the implementation of the Civil Marriage and Divorce Law No. 14 of 2020 in Abu Dhabi on Sunday with decision No. 8 of 2022.

Adding to the new laws, this gives more clarity on expats and tourists who wish to get married in the UAE.

Where in the UAE would the new law be applicable?

The service is only available in Abu Dhabi and is only available in the region. The new law in Abu Dhabi has been authorized and will be enacted, which handles family matters for expats or foreigners and allows visitors to finalize civil marriage contracts.

Final conclusion on tourist tying the knot in the UAE

While Abu Dhabi has certainly opened the door for tourists to marry on a visit visa, many expat couples might be a tad bit at a loss with the process, documentation, and paperwork.

We recommend booking a consultation with a wedding agency that is an expert in addressing legal questions. This will ensure you have the necessary documents that can be authorized in your own country or anyplace in the world.

Keen to get married in the UAE as a tourist; book a call with our team of expert wedding specialist.

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