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What Are the Legal Requirements to Get Married in the UAE |Easy to marry requirements in duabi

Legal Marriage Process to get married in the UAE?

If you live in Dubai or any other place in the UAE, you would already know that this region is booming economically. It attracts countless foreigners and that is the reason countless foreigners live here. That’s the reason that it comes with no surprises why foreigners marry in the UAE. Keep in mind it’s a little bumpy and pretty long road but certainly doable. You have to complete all the documentation and Legal Marriage Process to Get Married in the UAE. It includes multiple things that we’re going to discuss in this article. So, keep reading if you’re planning your wedding in the UAE soon.

The list of Legal Marriage Process for getting married in the UAE!

Well, let’s break down the whole procedure because a step by step guide will be a lot easier to understand. The very first thing for a wedding in the UAE is consulting with your Embassy or church. There is no solid-state set of rules for that because the requirements vary from nationality to nationality and religion to religion. Depending on your country of origin, your respective embassy will guide you regarding all the required documentation. But we have compiled a list of basic rules and requirements that will help you to make the whole procedure a lot easier.


CNIM stands for Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage or in other words the certificate of singleness. You along with the person you want to marry will have to obtain an original copy from your respective consulate or embassy if you’re a UAE resident. Whereas, if you’re not a UAE resident then you’ll need to obtain it from your origin country issued by the local government, registrars, or agencies with authority. Keep in mind that it must be duly stamped from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of your own country as well as of Dubai. Moreover, you must not obtain the CNIM for more than three months in advance. Last but not least is the original divorce certificate in case of divorce.

Baptism Certificate

A baptism certificate or you can also obtain your pastor’s recommendation letter for your marriage for the same purpose.

Other Requirements

In addition to all the above requirements and certificates, you’ll need to have an entry stamp for non-resident along with a visa and passport copy. On your application, you’ll need to paste a passport size photo and a complete application form that provides complete detail of both of the spouses wanting to marry.

UAE Court Requirements

The list of documents required for UAE court is also long and we have covered the most important ones as followed:

  • Emirates ID and UAE visa of residency at least for one of the spouses
  • Original passport and Original birth certificate
  • Singleness certificate issued by your home country or embassy.
  • Original divorce certificate from UAE MoFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and UAE Embassy, in case of divorce. A copy of the divorce certificate for record-keeping.
  • The bride’s father or guardian’s presence is compulsory. If not possible then father’s or guardian’s passport with a letter of consent.
  • Four latest PP photographs for the medical center
  • The non-Muslim bride should also have a couple of witnesses of the same nationality as EID
  • An Original medical pre-marriage examination certificate that you must obtain from the authorized medical board
  • Muslim couple should also have two Muslim witnesses with EID

Concluding Legal Marriage Process to marry in the UAE

These are some of the basic requirements that you must have to get married in the UAE. It’s a long procedure and best for those couples who don’t require a marriage certificate immediately. You can continue your job while completing all the requirements by managing one step at a time.

If you know someone who wants to marry in the UAE, share this article with them. It will make the whole procedure a little easier for them.

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