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Dubai hen party ideas

What must you know before planning your hen party in Dubai

This article is for the bride-to-be and all her bridesmaids planning to throw a stunning bachelorette party. If you are a GCC local, you must be thinking of Dubai as one of the hen party locations.

However, Dubai might be a better option if you limit her party ideas and do not want to go wild. But it also comes with some pros and cons. Let us look at both of them step by step.


1. Cost

When you plan anything locally, your cost reduces to fit your pocket. If you are a Dubai resident and throwing the party, it might save a lot of money since you book a flight or take extra transport charges.

2. Family & Friends

You can invite your cousins and friends to celebrate the party in Dubai. You can increase the number of guests without hesitation. Since all your friends are residents of Dubai, they would be aware of the laws and restrictions out there.

However, celebrations in Dubai can cost you a lot if you break even a single law. The laws in UAE are a little stringent for women. Let us look at the cons of having a hen party in Dubai.


1. Alcohol

Only non-muslims can apply for a liquor license to consume alcohol at home. Even if you have the permit, you can drink only in licensed establishments. You cannot drink alcohol in public areas, and if you do, you might get into serious trouble.

2. Dress Code

You and your girlfriends cannot dress the way you want. Women should dress modestly in public areas, including shopping malls. You are expected to cover your arms and legs with clothing covering your entire body. So all the crop tops and shorts you bought might not be helpful for a bachelorette party in Dubai.

3. Importing Goods

It is illegal to import pornography and pork products into UAE. Videos, books, and magazines could be subject to inspection. So if you are planning to invite your friends from abroad, you need to inform them about these things.

4. Drugs

No drug-related offences are tolerated in Dubai. Even residual amounts of drugs can lead to severe penalties. 

5. PDA

Public Display Affection is Big No in Dubai. You might get into serious trouble if you kiss, cuddle or even hold hands in public places, including bars and clubs for ex-pats. 

If you do not want to go through these struggles, you can choose a different location for your hen party. Most of the GCC locals prefer to have fun in eastern Europe. Georgia is one of the best places to have your bachelorette party. There is no restriction over alcohol, PDA, dressing code, or even marijuana. Beautiful beaches and some fantastic nightclubs surround it. All your girls can click photos anywhere, and getting drunk does not cost you anything.

To discuss your hen party ideas; keeping in mind the on-going party laws; book a call with our wonderful team of expert planners.

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