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What to wear to a winter wedding to look stylish

What to wear to a winter wedding while being stylish

It’s that time of year when everyone puts on their warm clothes and curls up under their blankets. This is true in most places of Europe and North America where it snows and the temperature decreases.

However, if you live in Dubai or any of the other GCC countries its time to slip into a moderate winter of beautiful sky, sunny days, and crisp cold evenings – but rarely COLD.

In this article we cover; what to wear for a winter wedding you have been invited to.

Winter wedding in Dubai

From November through February, as these are the coldest months. However, the term “coldest” is subjective in this case, as 20 degrees Celsius is considered cold here. Once you leave the city and enter the desert, the weather becomes bitterly cold. On the harshest winter days, temperatures can drop below freezing at night, and the wind can make it feel even colder.

So depending on where the wedding venue would be; you can choose to dress up for a winter wedding accordingly. If its pleasant in the outdoor; just a sweater or shawl would suffice. However; if you are moving closer to the deserts; you might need a jacket to keep yourself warm if the event is happening outdoors.

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Winter wedding across Europe

The coldest winters in Europe are generally found in Russia, with daily highs in winter averaging 0 °C (32 °F), whereas the mildest winters are found in southern Portugal, southern Spain, and the coastal districts of Sicily and Crete.

One of the most difficult aspects of a winter wedding is keeping warm while looking elegant. Look for clothes that cover you a little more when you’re out shopping. Long sleeves, floor length, and numerous layers of fabric will all keep you warm while still looking stunning. With a longer dress, you’ll be able to layer some thermals underneath.

Keep in mind you have enough additional layers to wear over your outfit. Knitted sweaters and faux-fur are fashionable accessories, but for even more protection, invest in a high-quality insulated jacket.

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Final verdict on what to wear to a winter wedding

It’s also a good idea to let some features of the location appear in your wardrobe when you’re aware of the climate and venue. Beach wedding clothes, such as a printed tropical maxi dress, linen suit, or brightly colored shift dress, is a terrific look for a beach site.

Consider wearing a stunning formal gown or well-cut suit to a black-tie wedding at the destination’s hotel or home. Maybe you’re going to a mountain retreat. In such situation, rustic wedding guest wear such as a floral gown or a tweed suit might be a terrific approach to complement the setting.

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