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This wedding package has everything you need to be legally married in the UAE. 

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What is included

✔️ Legal consultation

Our expert team will make sure that you have all the right documents and you are well prepared for the process.

It’s never as simple as providing the right document. There is a certain procedure to follow and a certain way the documents should be attested and presented. Our legal team will take care of the document validation for you.

✔️ Guidance on the steps and requirements

Getting married in islamic country is not an easy thing. But not an impossible one. To make sure you complete the right steps at the right time our team will be there for you throughout the entire process. 

✔️ Pre-marital check information

The UAE takes a great care of its nation and its heritage. That’s why here people are not allowed to just get married without completing a pre-marital check. And rules are no different for expats too. When in Roma do as the Romans do.

✔️ Legalization of the marriage certificate

A few ministries later you will have your wedding certificate perfectly legal and valid in the UAE. But you don’t have to worry about that part. We do the full legalization for you.

Some of the basic requirements

✔️ Passport scan copy

That’s the first and very basic requirement. Just like for any other legal process you need your passport to get start the process here. 

✔️ UAE resident visa scan copy

To get married as an expat in a foreign for you country (UAE) you need to prove your residency here. 

✔️ Pre-marriage medical examination certificate scan copy

UAE government is very strict when it comes to creating new families. They want the future of their nation to be strong and reliable. That’s why the medical examination before getting married is mandatory. 

Please note that it has to be done by the approved medical board)

✔️ Singleness or divorce certificate (if aplicable)

One of the required steps is to prove that you are eligible for getting married 

✔️ Guardian

According to the Sharia law a bride need a permission of her guardian to get married. 

❌ And more

Please note that our legal advisor will give you the right list of requirements according to your case.


❌ Proposal

Looking for a wedding options but haven’t even proposed yet? No worries, we’ve got you covered! Our team will be happy to help you organize such a sweet and touching event.

❌ Family UAE visa

Once you and your other half are officially married you can become a sponsor for your spouse and have their visa under your name.

❌ Newborn UAE visa

And you can provide a UAE resident visa for your newborn baby too. Yes, they need their own visa!

❌ Wedding celebrant

If you are not that much of a religious person the chances are you don’t care about the religious wedding either. That’s exactly what wedding celebrants are.

Although they don’t have a legal authority to have you officially married they can create an unforgettable and very personalized ceremony for you.

❌ Bridal bouquet

First: you definitely need it for your wedding photoshoot.

And second: how will your bridesmaids know who’s next?😉

❌ Photoshoot

If you had to choose just one wedding add-on that should be it. The photoshoot. Because memories fade but not the captured ones. Plus going through the old photographs gives such a warm and soothing feeling. Plus think about your grandchildren astonishingly staring at your wedding photos some 100 years later.

See, it’s a no brainer, there are just benefits about booking a wedding photographer. 

❌ Professional videographer

It’s like having still photos of your wedding but a million times better.

❌ Saxophonist

Old school music or the modern vibe, you are the one to decide. But having a saxophone to brighten up your wedding is certainly a great idea. 

what do you get
Who is this package made for?

Our UAE court wedding package is made for couples that are in no rush to get married and can provide all the required documents.

The wedding process in the UAE takes a little longer but on the bright side you don’t even need to travel anywhere and can save that money for your honeymoon.

Most common questions
Muslim Marriage for Expat in UAE – How to Get Married in Dubai for Muslims?

If you live in Dubai then you’d already know that it’s an Islamic country and majorly follows Sharia Law. The majority of the people living in this country are Muslim and that’s the obvious reason why most of the people marry here are Muslims. Even for Muslims the procedure to get married in the UAE is strictly speaking not easy. There are many requirements that you need to fulfill in order to complete the procedure. Here’s how you can have Muslim Marriage for Expat in UAE.

Wedding Requirements for Muslims to Get Married in Dubai!

All the expatriate and national residents can underdo the wedding procedure in the UAE. The marriages among Muslims must be according to the teachings and provisions of Sharia. People who fall under the following scenarios regardless of their nationalities will need to follow the same procedure.

  • Where both bride and groom are Muslims
  • Where the bride is Non-Muslim (but from the religion of book or Ahl-e-Kitab such as Christian or Jew) and the groom is Muslim

In simple words, a Muslim woman and a Muslim man can of course get married. Moreover, a Muslim man can marry a Non-Muslim woman but she must be from the religion of the book. In a case where a Non-Muslim man wants to marry a Muslim woman, he will need to convert to Islam for that. UAE also allows polygamy which means a Muslim man can have four wives simultaneously if he can manage to treat all of them equally.

Key Requirements to Get Married in Dubai

A marriage contract must be registered in the UAE’s Sharia court

The legal age for marriage is at least 18 years (of Hijri calendar: Lunar calendar) but if that’s not the case the couple will need to acquire the judge’s approval

  • Any of the spouses’ age must not be more than twice the other. Yet again if that’s the case the judge’s approval will be needed
  • Two male Muslim witnesses with the proof of their identities
  • The presence of the bride’s father or his proxy on the day of the wedding
  • A pre-marriage screening certificate
  • Both of the spouses must be present
  • The bride must also show the consent of her father/guardian
  • If the bride’s father has passed then the next closest male blood relative or guardian such as a brother should be present at wedding
  • The widowed or divorced woman must provide authentic information or proof of her current marital status
  • If the bride is Muslim but her father is a Non-Muslim then she must obtain the “No Objection” letter from her respective consulate or embassy
  • The premarital screening test acquired from only the approved and authorized medical facilities such as:
  • Ministry of Health and Prevention
  • Dubai Health Authority
  • Department of Health – Abu Dhabi

Concluding Muslim Marriage for Expat in UAE – How to Get Married in Dubai for Muslims?

Getting married in Dubai for Muslims is a little long procedure and it must be done by Sharia courts, UAE judicial departments, or by the authorized marriage services. In all cases, you’ll need to comply with all the key requirements mentioned above.

If you know someone who doesn’t know these requirements then enlighten them by sharing these with them.

The Ultimate 2021 Destination Wedding Guide for GCC expats

The past year and a half has seen extreme instability and precarity. Travel, weddings, and leisure have all taken on new meanings for us. This however hasn’t stopped those in love from getting married.

Because all of the popular wedding venues in Europe, Middle East and around the world are on high alert following the outbreak of COVID-19, we’ve put together a list of the top 5 wedding destinations to get married with the fewest confirmed Corona cases.

Top Wedding Destination of 2021:


This country is a cloud of heaven beside the sea, with all the gorgeous backdrops you can imagine. This venue is an excellent wedding site to travel to because it accepts couples with basic standards like a negative PCR test result and continuous hand-washing.


Georgia has been identified as a top rising destination for the year 2020 and the trend continues in 2021. This country is great for anyone interested in culture, food, diversity, and architecture. The “wow” factor is assured, and the variety of wedding possibilities will astound you.

Either you want a weekend wedding in Tbilisi with quick registration, or you are a romantic who wants a magical wedding ceremony on one of the Caucasus Hills or a vineyard experience in the Kakheti region.


Malta is another lovely spot for a romantic getaway, with magnificent surroundings. The wedding venues on this Mediterranean island are diverse, ranging from renovated farm buildings to private villas, beautiful gardens to quiet beaches. There is just no wrong decision when it comes to the venue, given its rich history, culture, and panoramic vistas.

Furthermore, the Maltese government adopted legislation allowing same-sex marriages, allowing all loving hearts the opportunity to marry.


The Maldives, with its cold blue waters and huge bungalows, is the pandemic’s most popular vacation destination. Tourists visiting the Maldives only need a simple negative PCR test, as the villa design of the resorts inherently facilitates social distance.


With the number of GCC expats living in Dubai and struggling to travel abroad; is one of the biggest reasons why many couples have decided to tie the knot here.

As per wedding experts, in 2021 destination wedding locally are becoming extremely popular. Couples have invited their near and dear ones, and have opted to celebrate in wide spaces and picturesque venues that offer unique experiences.

Amidst the pandemic over 715 couples also got legally married online. According to the Ministry of Justice, the number of new couples intending to marry in the country has grown this year. As a preventative measure against the spread of Covid-19, the courts developed a virtual marriage ceremony.

To conclude the top destination wedding places in 2021

Each of these venues has all you need for an unforgettable weekend with your closest friends and family. You have a lot of options, and there are many more.

Which of those do you think you’d pick for your wedding? Let us know if you are struggling to finalize a place to get married; our team would love to help you out

Choose the Best Wedding Package to Easily Get Married in Seychelles Instead of Dubai

If getting married in Dubai is not your cup of tea because of its long list of requirements and prerequisites, then Seychelles will suit you the best. It offers mind-boggling venues and the process is quicker and easier. That’s why we have come up with different packages for wedding in Seychelles. Choose the best wedding package that suits your requirements and needs the best.

The Best Wedding Packages in Seychelles

People who don’t have much time: Getting married in Seychelles is a very fast process that takes only a few days to get all the things done. But if you can’t even spare some days then the following packages are for you.

These packages only offer the necessary paperwork that you need to get your marriage legalized.

People who can wait: For those couples who can spare a little time and want to have a proper wedding ceremony then the following packages will serve them the best.

Packages for religious people: people who don’t want to get married without valuing their religion, should opt for the following package:

You can go for this package separately or you can also get it combined with civil wedding paperwork as well. Additionally, we also offer a church wedding, but it might not suit you because of the complex nature and not the cup of tea for most couples.

Package for Picky People

The above packages might not satisfy those people who are picky. They can opt for our Custom Wedding package in which they can add whatever they want for their wedding ceremony. In order to get all the things ready on your big day, you just need to inform un before time so that we can make everything ready for you and that’s about it.

Do you have a friend or a family member who can’t find the best way to get married while living in Dubai? Share this information with him/her.

Procedure for Foreigners Marriage in Saudi Arabia!

Just like expat marriages in UAE, getting married in Saudi Arabia is not the easiest thing to achieve especially for foreigners. There is a long list of requirements that anyone who wished to marry in this country has to fulfill. If you are living in the KSA as an expat and want to get married then you have come to the right place.

This article will inform you of all the necessary requirements to get married in Saudi Arabia. Moreover, it also contains very valuable information about the alternatives to get married more easily in the least possible time. Keep on reading to find out everything that you need to know about foreigners marriage in Saudi Arabia. So, Let’s jump into it.

Requirements to Get Married in the KSA

As mentioned, that getting married in the KSA is not the easiest way to get your wedding certificate. Here are some of the most important requirements that all Muslim ex-pats need to fulfill before getting married in Saudi Arabia.

  • The bride and the Groom both must have residence permit known and Iqama
  • The bride must have her sponsor’s permission in a written form
  • Both of the spouses must agree to the marriage terms and conditions
  • All the religious practices to get married must be performed and both bride and the groom must agree to them
  • Both the marriage ceremony and license will take place at Saudi family courts
  • An approval letter from the competent authority must be provided with a couple of witnesses
  • A pre-marriage medical test report must also be provided
  • The representative of the bride and the groom must be physically present
  • The guardian of the bride must also be present

Requirements for Non-Muslim

Honestly speaking there is not a better way to get married while staying in Saudi Arabia for the Non-Muslim foreigners except opting for getting married in their respective embassy. It usually takes much time but it depends upon nationality to nationality. But now due to the COVID-19, it’s also not very reliable. That’s why it’s better for the Non-Muslim and even Muslim foreigners to opt for destination weddings or online weddings. Not only will it save them a lot of unwanted hassle but it will also save them a lot of time as well.

Final Word on Marriage Procedure for Foreigners in Saudi Arabia!

Just like the UAE, the KSA is not an ideal place to get married because of its very strict laws. Choose to get married online or go for a destination wedding.

If you know any foreigner living in Saudi Arabia who wants to get married, share this valuable information with them.

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