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What can you include in your wedding package

You wedding has 2 components that you can fully customize: legal & ceremony.

You will have your own wedding planner dedicated to you.

Before the wedding

✔️ Wedding consultation

Need to talk to our experts? Our team will make sure you have an answer to all your questions!

✔️ Documents verification

It’s never as simple as providing the right document. There is a certain procedure to follow and a certain way the documents should be attested and presented. Our legal team will make sure you’ve got everything under control and ready. 

✔️ Wedding request at the court

Our team will make sure to prepare all the steps with the local authorities. This includes a few needed steps in order to book your wedding. Please note that delays are usually much longer than in other locations. The court will be the one decided or not to proceed with your wedding.

✔️ Civil wedding booking (if the court approve)

Once the court approved your request, our team will do the needful in order to prepare your wedding. This includes a few bookings & confirmation to adjust to your agenda. 

The wedding day

✔️ Transfer to the court if needed

Based on your needs, our team can organize for you the transport to and from the court. This is an important day for you. Let us take care of all the little details!

✔️ Bridal bouquet

What will be a wedding without flowers? Let our team prepare for you the cute touch that will mark this day for ever!

✔️ 2 Hardcopy of the wedding certificate

Our team will provide you with 2 original and attested certificates. Please note that some embassies may require you to let your wedding certificate with them. In this case 2 is definitely safer than 1!

✔️ Wedding certificate translation
Not any translation is accepted when it comes to official documents. Upon your needs and requests, our team will make sure to provide you with the proper wedding certificate translations.
✔️ UAE MoFa attestation

In order for you to register your wedding certificate in your home country, you will need to have a few more stamps. Our team will handle everything in order to get your certificate ready for whatever you need it.

After your wedding

✔️ Embassy attestation if applicable

Based on your situation, your embassy may require a few to a lot of steps. Our team will go through all the embassy hassle for you and deliver you the exact document you need, registered where you need it.

✔️After wedding support

As you can imagine, a wedding is not necessarily something easy and even less when it comes to legal documents. Our team will make sure to provide you even after you received all the documents. 

✔️ Married or refunded

If for whatsoever reason we cannot get you married our team will either provide you with another option or, if needed, will refund you 100% of the wedding cost. 

what do you get

Recommended Upgrades

Any of the below options can be added to your package. This is your wedding, your rules!

  • Wedding photographer
    Get our special photographers to help you create unforgettable memories of your wedding.
    Capturing your wedding moments
  • VIP Transfer
    VIP Car

    We never have twice the opportunity to make a good impression. It’s even more right for your wedding. Let’s book the perfect car to drive you towards your new life! 

    Travel to your wedding in luxury
  • Wedding Musicians

    Let our saxophonists, harpists and other musicians bring you this little touch that will make your day special.

    Entertainment for your big Day
  • Romantic Dinner

    Let his magic first night be the one you always dreamed about. Our team will organize for you the perfect dinner. 

    Book the most romantic candlelight dinner
  • Embassy Attestation Support
    Embassy Attestation
    Some embassies may be more challenging than others in order to get information. Our team is ready to take up this challenge and get all the information you need.
    After your Wedding day
  • Wedding Videographer
    What is a wedding without a souvenir? Let’s discuss what you like and work on the best souvenirs as videos. You get married only once! Let’s make sure you remember the day.
    Quality cinematic wedding films
  • Bachelor parties
    Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties

    Need help with planning the wildest bachelor or bachelorette party? We plan bachelor and bachelorette parties in some exclusive destinations.

    A night to remember
  • Surprise proposal

    Plan the dream marriage proposal! Customized proposal ideas and luxury marriage proposal planning in the mountains, lakeside or even by the beach

    Say Yes
  • Honeymoon packages

    We help you design, plan and book your honeymoon…. Not sure where to go? Get inspired and book a call with our team !

    Romantic and Adventure honeymoon travel
what do you get
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