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UAE Sharia Wedding

Sharia, Muslim & Nikah weddings

From AED 3500 / USD 960
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What is included in your wedding offer

This wedding package has everything Muslim Couples need to be legally married in the UAE.

You can merge this package with any extra upon your preference.

✔️ Included in the current offer | ➕ Can be added as an extra

For your wedding
✔️ Guidance on the steps and requirements
Getting married in islamic country is not an easy thing. But not an impossible one. To make sure you complete the right steps at the right time our team will be there for you throughout the entire process.
✔️ Court fees
This package includes all the costs directly related to the court process.
✔️ Cute Bridal bouquet
What will be a wedding without flowers? Let our team prepare for you the cute touch that will mark this day for ever!
✔️ Wedding venue
You can decide to conduct the wedding in one of our available venues or we can help you get it done online!
➕ Online Nikah

It is possible for you to decide whether to register your wedding to the court or not (this will depend on the place of marriage), you can also conduct your nikah wedding online. Just discuss with our experts!

Before and after
✔️ Legal consultation

Our expert team will make sure that you have all the right documents and you are well prepared for the process.

It’s never as simple as providing the right document. There is a certain procedure to follow and a certain way the documents should be attested and presented. Our legal team will take care of the document validation for you.

✔️ Pre-marital check information

The UAE takes a great care of its nation and its heritage. That’s why here people are not allowed to just get married without completing a pre-marital check. And rules are no different for expats too. When in Roma do as the Romans do.

✔️ Police clearance
Our team will help you go through all the requirements and needed documents. Let us help you get your police clearance certificate (based on your situation some extra may be requested).
✔️ Legalization of the marriage certificate
A few ministries later you will have your wedding certificate perfectly legal and valid in the UAE. But you don’t have to worry about that part. We do the full legalization for you.
✔️ After Wedding Support
Our team will be here for you after your wedding for any question or support you may need. It is the best to start your new journey stress-free!
✔️ Married or refunded
Sometimes things don’t go as planned. If depsite our efforts, we can’t help start your journey together, you’ll be fully refunded. No question asked!
what do you get

Recommended Upgrades

Any of the below options can be added to your package. This is your wedding, your rules!

  • Wedding photographer
    Get our special photographers to help you create unforgettable memories of your wedding.
    Capturing your wedding moments
  • VIP Transfer
    VIP Car

    We never have twice the opportunity to make a good impression. It’s even more right for your wedding. Let’s book the perfect car to drive you towards your new life! 

    Travel to your wedding in luxury
  • Wedding Musicians

    Let our saxophonists, harpists and other musicians bring you this little touch that will make your day special.

    Entertainment for your big Day
  • Romantic Dinner

    Let his magic first night be the one you always dreamed about. Our team will organize for you the perfect dinner. 

    Book the most romantic candlelight dinner
  • Embassy Attestation Support
    Embassy Attestation
    Some embassies may be more challenging than others in order to get information. Our team is ready to take up this challenge and get all the information you need.
    After your Wedding day
  • Wedding Videographer
    What is a wedding without a souvenir? Let’s discuss what you like and work on the best souvenirs as videos. You get married only once! Let’s make sure you remember the day.
    Quality cinematic wedding films
  • Bachelor parties
    Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties

    Need help with planning the wildest bachelor or bachelorette party? We plan bachelor and bachelorette parties in some exclusive destinations.

    A night to remember
  • Surprise proposal

    Plan the dream marriage proposal! Customized proposal ideas and luxury marriage proposal planning in the mountains, lakeside or even by the beach

    Say Yes
  • Honeymoon packages

    We help you design, plan and book your honeymoon…. Not sure where to go? Get inspired and book a call with our team !

    Romantic and Adventure honeymoon travel
what do you get
What are Sharia & Nikah weddings?

In Islam, nikah is a contract between two people. Both the groom and the bride are to consent to the marriage of their own free will. Sharia usually refers to the court pronouncing the wedding. A civil court is different from a Sharia court. A nikah wedding can be registered in a court or not. 

Nikah wedding certificates are usually not recognized for visa & other relocations in most of the countries. Our team will make sure to understand your full situation and offer you the best solution

Nikah Wedding Abu Dhabi
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