5,000 – 7,000 AED / 1,370 – 1,915 USD

Legal package to get a UAE resident visa for your newborn baby

This package is made for couples who have just welcomed their little one into this world and planning to live with them in the UAE.

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What is included


Your baby will have their own UAE resident visa and you will be the sponsor.


To start any visa process in the UAE the Immigration visa file needs to be open. Let us take care of this part for you.


When it comes to paperwork it’s easy to get lost with all the applications. Good news! We are here to help you.


If your baby is out of the country, we will help to issue an entry permit so you can bring them into the UAE to reunite with you and continue the visa process.


If your baby is already in the country on tourist visa, we will help you to change they visa status in the system without leaving the country.


When all the paperwork is done and finalized it’s time to receive a resident visa in your baby’s passport. Visa will be valid the same period of time as your visa.


Once the visa is done your baby will receive the new and shiny Emirates ID and will officially become a UAE resident like a grown up. 



It’s just a basic requirement for any paperwork process in the country to state your identity and legal status in the country.


As your baby’s visa will have the same validity as yours you need to provide your labour contract.


It’s important to prove that you can support your baby financially after bringing them to the country so bank statement is a mandatory requirement. But no worries, it takes no more than 10 minutes to get at your bank.


Just like with the bank statements it is important to prove that you can provide a decent living space for you baby that’s why your tenancy contract is required also.


The official legalized wedding certificate with the MoFA stamp is the one you will need for the newborn visa application. It is the same certificate we provide after your wedding. Easy!

You will also need to provide your baby’s birth certificates.


The last requirement is of course the passport copy of your baby.

what do you get

Who is this package for

This package is tailored for couples who have just welcomed their little one into this world and need to get and official and legal status for them in the UAE.

Your baby fully depends on you but is already a separate person. It’s time to get them their own UAE visa!

Most common questions

Islamic Wedding Procedure for the the UAE Muslim Foreigners in the Georgia!

Marriage is one of the biggest events of everyone’s life. We all want to make it as beautiful and romantic as possible. But sometimes because of the difficult requirements and long procedure the whole wedding goes in a direction where the couple never anticipates. It especially happens in places where the whole wedding process is a little longer such as UAE. But there are always better workarounds. If you are a Muslim living in the UAE, you can choose to get married in Georgia. Not only does it make the whole process easier and efficient but it also provides some good wedding spots well. This article will tell you the most important requirements that you need to have an Islamic wedding in Georgia. Keep on reading this article till the end to make sure that you understand the whole process.

Requirements to have an Islamic Wedding in Georgia!

The most important requirements to have an Islamic wedding in Georgia are as followed:

  • Both of the spouses must have their original passports
  • The couple must be Muslim and must provide proof as well
  • There must also be a couple of witnesses with authentic proof of their religion
  • The bride must also have the written consent of her father or guardian

There you have it. As you can clearly see that the Muslim wedding process in Georgia is one of the easiest ones. You don’t need to have a long list of the documents to complete the process. But what you need to make sure of is that you get the right help to avoid all the unwanted situations

Final Word on Muslims Getting Married in Georgia!

Keep in mind that it’s not a very common practice to have an Islamic wedding in Georgia. Moreover, it’s also not recognized as an official marriage in Georgia and as a legal union in many other countries. So, we recommend you to have a civil wedding as well.

Let us know by commenting down below if you want to have an Islamic wedding in Georgia. We’d love to help you.

How Dubai foreigners can opt for an easy wedding in Georgia

For expat couples in Dubai, securing documents for both parties might be a longer process. A bride and groom with different nationalities and religions are most likely to have this issue. There’s an easy way out of this. A wedding in Georgia is an easy process.

Expats living in Dubai can easily get married in Georgia. Read on to find out how Dubai foreigners can opt for an easy wedding in Georgia and avoid the long wait.

Rules of Marriage in Dubai:

To proceed with the formalities of marriage, the couple should obtain a long list of documents. Among them are:

  • The Emirate ID or passport of both individuals
  • Birth certificates of both individuals
  • Residence permit (at least one of the parties should present this)
  • Fill out the marriage application form
  • Divorce and Death Certificates if any

Documents available in other languages must be translated into Arabic by a Dubai court. It is also necessary for the couple to undergo a pre-marriage test. It is therefore illegal in Dubai to engage in premarital sex.

A Guide For Dubai Expatriates On Wedding In Georgia:

The benefits of getting married in Georgia are numerous for expatriates living in Dubai:

  • Marriage certificates can be obtained within 24 hours of registering if the couple has the required legal documents.
  • There are no numerous documents required by Georgia’s marriage laws. Couples need only their passports, marriage application forms, and divorce certificates, if any, to hold their marriage. A witness is also required.
  • In Georgia, the cost of marriage registration varies according to the day of the week and the place of the transaction. Overall, getting married in Georgia is not expensive.
  • It is well known that Georgians are very welcoming to strangers. Even interfaith and interracial marriages can be enjoyed by expats.

Recommendations on Planning the Wedding in Georgia:

Although Dubai laws on marriage, might make the process a bit longer for expats; you can choose other alternatives. We recommend considering Georgia as your wedding destination due to its super fast and hassle-free marriage process.

Keen to know more about your wedding in Georgia Vs Dubai; book a call with our team to know more.

Mass wedding ceremony of 150 Emirati couples held to commemorate UAE’s Golden Jubilee

Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan married Sheikha Fakhra, the daughter of Sheikh Khalifa bin Hamdan bin Mohamed Al Nahyan. The wedding ceremony was attended by the top UAE rulers.

In this article we shed light on the celebration and the how UAE has started the golden jubilee celebration in commemoration of the 50th UAE National Day.

Attendees at the celebration

The grand wedding ceremony was attended by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President, Prime Minister, and Ruler of Dubai; Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces; and Sheikh Saud bin Saqr Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Ras Al Khaimah.

Sheikhs, ministers, dignitaries, and high-ranking officials from all the emirates attended the weddings, in addition to the UAE rulers.

What did the celebration include

Alternatively; to make this event even more special there were also wedding ceremonies for 150 Emirati couples. The mass weddings were held to commemorate the UAE’s Golden Jubilee.

Sheikh Mohammed afterwards expressed his delight at being able to attend the weddings on Twitter. The Dubai Ruler tweeted,

“I was thrilled today, as were the people of the Emirates, at Hamdan bin Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan’s wedding and the wedding of 150 young Emiratis with him. We extend our best wishes to the honourable Al Nahyan. We congratulate 300 Emirati families on their sons and daughters’ marriages.”

Khaleej times, Nov 2021

President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan’s greetings were delivered to the newlyweds by the UAE rulers, crown princes, and deputy rulers. They also emphasised the leadership’s desire to strengthen family ties. And additionally; foster social cohesion while upholding traditional Emirati values and ideals.

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How to get married in the Abu Dhabi court – Important notes for expats

Many non-Muslim expats in Dubai and other parts of the world love the idea of a wedding in Abu Dhabi. This could be because of the 2021 marriage laws that make marriage procedures simple. Another reason might be that they naturally love this destination.

After the would-be couple decides on where to marry, the next question will be how to get married in the Abu Dhabi court. If they know how to get married in Abu Dhabi courts, they will spend less time trying to find their way around. This article will explain how couples can marry in Abu Dhabi courts.

Wedding arrangements in Abu Dhabi courts

First and foremost, a civil wedding in Abu Dhabi will take place at the Abu Dhabi Family Court. The process typically begins with a formal application to the Judicial Department of the court. After three to five working days, the court will invite the couple for the formal ceremony. Finally, the court issues them a marriage certificate.

The conditions below must be met before a civil wedding in Abu Dhabi:

  • Payment of court fees
  • Consent of the individuals who want to marry
  • The couple should be up to the approved age of 18
  • Presentation of the passports and emirate’s ID (if required)
  • Death certificate of a former couple or divorce certificate from a previous marriage

These are important standards for couples who wish to know how to get married in the Abu Dhabi court. However, certain requirements for a Sharia Marriage in Dubai and other emirates are not mandatory for couples who chose a Civil marriage in Abu Dhabi. We will have a rundown of these.

The perks of a Civil wedding vs the Sharia type

The following are Sharia marriage standards for couples who want to marry in Dubai or any other Muslim society;

  • A pre-marital medical test
  • The approval of the bride’s father or her guardian
  • Same Muslim religious standing for the couple
  • Residency of the couple in the emirate.

However, unlike religious ceremonies, the civil wedding standards in Abu Dhabi and Utah do not make these requirements mandatory. Even tourists can marry without any hindrance under the civil marriage law in Abu Dhabi.

The Abu Dhabi Court as an ideal route for marriage

Couples who feared that a destination wedding in the emirates would come with stringent conditions will be glad to see that an Abu Dhabi court wedding offers a no-sweat solution. Many couples have reported holding a memorable physical wedding in this city. Most importantly, non-Muslims benefit from its considerate marriage laws.

Abu Dhabi does not bequeath unnecessary pressure on people who wish to marry. So, if couples decide to marry in this destination, they will save quality time and enjoy all the benefits that are available to residents and non-residents.

A civil wedding in Abu Dhabi presents a host of positive prospects. If you decide to host your wedding in this city, you will benefit from our team of wedding expats. Book a consultation with them for more enlightenment.

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