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When being together matters
UAE family visa package
6,000 – 8,000 AED / 1,645 – 2,190 USD

Legal package for a spouse UAE residence visa

This package has everything you need if you want to get a resident visa for your spouse to live together in the UAE.

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What is included


Explore all the benefits of being a UAE resident. Bank account, sim card, easier access to a health insurance and various discounts within the country are just some of them!


To start any visa process in the UAE the Immigration visa file needs to be open. Let us take care of this part for you.


When it comes to paperwork it’s easy to get lost with all the applications. Good news! We are here to help you.


The entry permit is a mandatory document even if your spouse is already in the country. After receiving it you can continue the visa process.


If your spouse is already in the country on tourist visa or cancelled resident visa, we will help you to change they visa status in the system without leaving the country.


One of the last steps of the visa process is a medical test. And while we can’t really do it for you (for obvious reasons) we are here to help you to proceed the application.


When all the paperwork is done and finalized it’s time to receive a resident visa in your spouse’s passport. Visa will be valid the same period of time as your visa.


Once the visa is done your spouse will receive the new and shiny Emirates ID and will officially become a UAE resident.



It’s just a basic requirement for any paperwork process in the country to state your identity and legal status in the country.


As your spouse’s visa will have the same validity as yours you need to provide your labour contract.


It’s important to prove that you can support your spouse financially after bringing them to the country so bank statement is a mandatory requirement. But no worries, it takes no more than 10 minutes to get at your bank.


Every GCC country has its own rules & processes. Thanks to our local presence and years of experience, we will get your wedding registered in any of the embassies:  UAE, Oman, Saudi (KSA), Qatar or Bahrain. 

Kuwait is charged extra as their embassy is in Armenia.


The official legalized wedding certificate with the MoFA stamp is the one you will need for the spouse visa application. It is the same certificate we provide after your wedding. Easy!

If you have children together you will need to provide their birth certificates also.


The last requirement is of course the passport copy of your spouse along with the visit visa copy or the cancellation page copy if they are already in the country.

what do you get

Who is this package for

This package is for the couples that have already married and looking for a way to bring their spouse to the UAE and get them a legal status of resident.

Whether your spouse is already in the country on visit visa, cancelled resident visa or is still in their home country, the process can be done in both cases. 

Once you submit all the necessary documents and meet the requirement your spouse will be able to enjoy all the benefits of being a resident of the UAE.

Most common questions

Seychelles marriage requirements: Do You Need a Certificate of Singleness to Get Married in Seychelles?

Seychelles’ islands offer enormous diversity with idyllic backdrops surrounded by incredible natural beauty for a perfect tropical wedding. The memories of a wedding with a romantic ambiance and the welcoming smile of the Seychellois people will live with you forever. Additionally, the hassle-free and easy vow taking make your wedding in Seychelles a perfect and most efficient solution. If this question pops in your head “do I need a certificate of singleness at Seychelles wedding as one of the Seychelles marriage requirements” then keep on reading to find out. Find here all the Wedding Requirements in Seychelles is you’re from UAE.

Is certificate of singleness is one of the Seychelles Marriage Requirements?

The STB (Seychelles Tourism Board) with the help of the Civil Status Office has provided guidelines that explain all the legal requirements. If you are living in the UAE then you’ll be needing certain documents to get married in Seychelles that the Civil Status Office requires from the UAE couples.

The guidelines also require a document that illustrates that there is no lawful or impediment hindrance to the marriage that you intend. In simple words, you need a certificate of singleness at a Seychelles wedding.

What if I don’t Have a certificate of singleness at the Seychelles wedding?

It’s also equally possible that you might not have any document that explains your singleness status. In such a case, you’ll have to obtain that certificate to prove that there is no lawful or impediment hindrance. 

With that said, the authorities offer flexibility and don’t make any issue if you don’t have a singleness certificate. Moreover you can also sign an affidavit in Seychelles after making a solemn declaration that there is no lawful and impediment hindrance to your marriage. As a result, you’ll receive an affidavit that you will be able to use as a singleness certificate. The whole process is as easy as it sounds and it doesn’t take much time.

The final word on Seychelles marriage requirements

We hope that you will find this information useful and it will help you to prepare and organize your big day in Seychelles. Getting married in Seychelles is undoubtedly the most efficient and easiest option for people living in the UAE.

Do you know someone worried about his/her singleness certificate for Seychelle’s wedding? Refer them here and we shall get on to planning their wedding in Seychelles.

If you are pregnant but not married and live in the UAE, new pregnancy laws apply to you.

The UAE is constantly making positive reforms when it comes to personal laws. One of the biggest reasons for these changes is to attract foreign expats who often look at the Middle East as the hub for investment and business.

A new criminal code is one of the most significant improvements in the UAE’s legislative reforms. This was unveiled on Saturday, November 27th, 2021. The code is closely linked to pregnancy and having a child outside of marriage. To learn more about the new law, see this article.

What did the new laws state?

According to state news agency WAM, the new law decriminalizes consensual relationships outside of marriage. It additionally states that any child conceived as a result of such a partnership will be acknowledged and cared for.

“Will be expected to marry or singly or jointly acknowledge the child and provide identification documents and identity papers in accordance with the laws of the country of which either is a national, taking into account the relevant laws of that nation,”

The National News, 2021

“If that fails, both correspondents will face a two-year prison sentence in a criminal proceeding.”

To conclude if you are pregnant but not married in the UAE

Having a child outside of a marriage is not a criminal violation. The law explicitly indicates that the child must be cared for, implying that the parents must be accountable for the child’s birth.

When a kid is conceived outside of marriage, there are often additional challenges with identity documents and paperwork. If the child is born to parents of different ethnicities, religions, or in a foreign country, this could add to the difficulties.

As a result, unmarried couples who want to start a family together should always consider getting married. The reunion of the parents might possibly be the best gift for the unborn baby.

Would you know of anyone thrilled to hear about the new family laws; share the news with them.

Latest UAE Update: How to get married online

Often enough getting married in the UAE is considered to be quite challenging. Furthermore, COVID-19 has complicated the process even more. Many people now fear getting stuck with travel restrictions and new Covid-19 variants such as Omicron that is rapidly spreading.

Couples are even scared to return to their native nations, even to marry. However online weddings can be the answer to your problem. If you are looking to get married from the comfort of your home; you have come to the right place.

This is because this post includes a brand-new and entirely legal method for learning how to get married online. Furthermore, you will not be required to travel anyplace in order to complete it. Continue reading to learn how to locate a marriage that doesn’t require you to travel.

What must you know about getting married online

We’re glad to notify you that you can now get married online, if you weren’t already aware. In fact, our staff has devised a one-of-a-kind way for getting married online, which you may obtain right now. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Christian or a Muslim; you have the option to do so.

The only thing you need keep in mind is that this operation is extremely costly, time-consuming, and difficult. We advise you to only do it if you have no other options for getting married.

Full legal document for your online wedding

The legal papers required for a civil and legal wedding is essentially covered by our online wedding process. As a result, no online Zoom or web ceremony should be expected. Furthermore, it has nothing to do with the faith you practise. As a result, no religious wedding certificate will be provided. It will be conducted by the marriage registrar and a team of lawyers. They’ll start by contacting your embassy for a full legal checkup.

If your embassy responds with a positive response, the wedding process will begin. All you have to do is present us with your actual passport and that’s all. You will receive a wedding certificate that is 100 % genuine, legal, and authentic.

Concluding on how to get married online

While getting married online might not be the ideal dream for an couple; it definitely is the most convenient. The world seems to be very unpredictable at the moment which means if you need to pick up and keep moving ahead; online weddings might be the right way.

We have witnessed many couples successfully tie the knot online; moved in together and are looking forward to planning their wedding in an intimate ceremony. All you need to remember; an online wedding is legit and allows you proceed your life with your other half as man and wife.

Are you looking for a online wedding from home; speak to team of professional legal experts and let us help you get married.

The Ultimate 2021 Destination Wedding Guide for GCC expats

The past year and a half has seen extreme instability and precarity. Travel, weddings, and leisure have all taken on new meanings for us. This however hasn’t stopped those in love from getting married.

Because all of the popular wedding venues in Europe, Middle East and around the world are on high alert following the outbreak of COVID-19, we’ve put together a list of the top 5 wedding destinations to get married with the fewest confirmed Corona cases.

Top Wedding Destination of 2021:


This country is a cloud of heaven beside the sea, with all the gorgeous backdrops you can imagine. This venue is an excellent wedding site to travel to because it accepts couples with basic standards like a negative PCR test result and continuous hand-washing.


Georgia has been identified as a top rising destination for the year 2020 and the trend continues in 2021. This country is great for anyone interested in culture, food, diversity, and architecture. The “wow” factor is assured, and the variety of wedding possibilities will astound you.

Either you want a weekend wedding in Tbilisi with quick registration, or you are a romantic who wants a magical wedding ceremony on one of the Caucasus Hills or a vineyard experience in the Kakheti region.


Malta is another lovely spot for a romantic getaway, with magnificent surroundings. The wedding venues on this Mediterranean island are diverse, ranging from renovated farm buildings to private villas, beautiful gardens to quiet beaches. There is just no wrong decision when it comes to the venue, given its rich history, culture, and panoramic vistas.

Furthermore, the Maltese government adopted legislation allowing same-sex marriages, allowing all loving hearts the opportunity to marry.


The Maldives, with its cold blue waters and huge bungalows, is the pandemic’s most popular vacation destination. Tourists visiting the Maldives only need a simple negative PCR test, as the villa design of the resorts inherently facilitates social distance.


With the number of GCC expats living in Dubai and struggling to travel abroad; is one of the biggest reasons why many couples have decided to tie the knot here.

As per wedding experts, in 2021 destination wedding locally are becoming extremely popular. Couples have invited their near and dear ones, and have opted to celebrate in wide spaces and picturesque venues that offer unique experiences.

Amidst the pandemic over 715 couples also got legally married online. According to the Ministry of Justice, the number of new couples intending to marry in the country has grown this year. As a preventative measure against the spread of Covid-19, the courts developed a virtual marriage ceremony.

To conclude the top destination wedding places in 2021

Each of these venues has all you need for an unforgettable weekend with your closest friends and family. You have a lot of options, and there are many more.

Which of those do you think you’d pick for your wedding? Let us know if you are struggling to finalize a place to get married; our team would love to help you out

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