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Wedding Packages For GCC Residents

Our packages are built for international, interfaith couples and expats. Our team of experts wedding planners is here to help go through the full process.
Our promise is to make your wedding easy.

✔️ Included in the current offer


Court Application Support Service

2500 AED / 680 USD (+5% VAT)

For the application support

We understand you do not need us from the start to the end; let us help you only with the application support.

What’s Included

  • Wedding consultation ✔️
  • Examination and preparation of documents✔️
  • Assistance and guidance related to marriage requirements ✔️
  • Marriage request application ✔️
  • Court Payment ✔️
  • MoFa Attestation ✔️

          UAE Muslim & Nikah Wedding

          From 3500 AED / 950 USD (+5% VAT)

          For those where time is crucial

          Our team will help you to go through all the needed steps in order to get your wedding done.

          Before the wedding

          • Legal consultation ✔️
          • Pre-marital check ✔️
          • Police clearance ✔️

          The Wedding Day

          • Guidance on the steps & requirements ✔️
          • Court fees ✔️
          • Cute bridal bouquet ✔️
          • Wedding venue selection ✔️

          After the wedding

          • After Wedding support ✔️
          • Married or refunded ✔️
          • Legalization of the marriage certificate ✔️

                Easy Court Wedding Package

                From 4250 AED / 1158 USD (+5% VAT)

                For those who are not in a rush

                Let’s go through all the steps you need to go through in order to get a wedding certificate for the UAE and outside.

                Wedding Preparation

                • Wedding consultation ✔️
                • Documents verification ✔️
                • Wedding planner support ✔️
                • Prenuptial agreement ✔️
                • Documents translations ✔️
                • Emirates selection ✔️
                • Wedding request at the court ✔️
                • Express court booking (extra)

                During the wedding

                • Civil wedding booking ✔️
                • Transfer to the court ✔️
                • Court assistance ✔️
                • Bridal bouquet ✔️

                Wedding documents

                • Embassy attestation (if applicable) ✔️
                • After wedding support ✔️
                • Married or refunded ✔️
                • 2 hard copies of your wedding certificate ✔️
                • UAE MoFA attestation ✔️

                  Most common Wedding questions

                  How to get married in UAE + Legal Wedding Cost

                  Not everyone desires a spectacular wedding and spends a lot of money on the big day. That’s perfectly OK. The expense of weddings in Dubai, including court marriages, rises every year.

                  If you are getting married in Dubai; here’s what you would need with the documentation and the paperwork. And to make your life even simpler; we have put together; what a legal wedding cost would be.

                  Documents required to get married in UAE

                  There’s a funny joke around the town that says; its easier to find a bride in Dubai than put all the paper togethers. Simply because the UAE is pretty strict when it comes to its laws and ensures that every documentation is in place before the couple decide to tie the knot. Here’s the requirement

                  1. First and foremost; the approval of the bride-to-be
                  2. Both nationality certificates would be required
                  3. The couple’s religious beliefs
                  4. The citizenship of the two partners.
                  5. Valid UAE residency status of both partners.
                  6. Passports that are valid and in good working order
                  7. The couple’s Emirates IDs who are set to marry
                  8. The couple’s visa situation
                  9. Premarital screening test results from DHA basic healthcare clinics.
                  10. The couple’s birth certificates to determine whether they are over the age of 18.
                  11. Documentation of the prior spouse’s divorce or death.
                  12. Witnesses to the divine act of marriage must have valid functional IDs.

                  Cost for getting legally married

                  If you are living in Dubai and decided to tie the knot here; mentioned below are some the most crucial legal wedding cost.

                  • A pre-marriage screening test, which is mandatory, can cost you between AED 250 and AED 900, depending on the medical centre you choose.
                  • The court charge for the wedding process in Dubai is AED 1800.
                  • The MoFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) form attestation charge is AED 160, which is needed for the documents that you require attested from this institute.
                  • Aside from these; you will have to go through the legalization process in your place of origin. The cost of legalizing a marriage from country to country and is determined by the specific protocol that every embassy follows. However, each stamp in your home nation can be quite expensive and can set you back around 45 dollars.

                  Final Verdict on choosing to get married in the UAE

                  Keep in mind that compared to your other expenses, the amount you’ll need to spend on legal wedding costs may be tiny. As a result, we recommend consulting with a professional wedding planner to receive an estimate of how much money you’ll need for your wedding.

                  Planning a wedding in Dubai can be expensive; do not hesitate to book a call with us if you need to evaluate your wedding finances and legal cost.

                  What are the papers required to get married in Georgia for Dubai expats

                  If you are living in Dubai; you might have figured out by now; that getting married here is not easiest. This is true, especially for those couples who belong to different nationalities and religion.

                  If signing the necessary documents and becoming legally husband and wife is the main motive; then Georgia is the place for you to get married. Getting married in this country is quick and affordable. In just about a day you would be pronounced man and wife. And that too without the hassle of going through a lot of paperwork

                  This article primarily focusses on the papers required to get married for the Georgia marriage process.

                  Why get married in Georgia

                  When you decide to get married; most couples lost for a seamless wedding. Getting married in Georgia means you staying away from religious and political obstacles which otherwise might ruin your big day. A couple might choose to get married in catholic church, an orthodox one or simply in a mosque. Plus the locals here are more than happy to welcome their guests that come for diverse backgrounds.

                  Moreover; getting to Georgia is quite easy from Dubai. The prices for a round trip could range from 1000AED onwards. The duration of the flight is about 3 hours from any of the GCC countries and plus most residents do not need to apply for a visa to come to Georgia. Right from the price of ceremony, dinner and various activities would cost a lot less in comparison to Dubai.

                  Documents required to get married

                  The legal checklist of papers required to marry in Georgia.

                  • Identity documents of people planning to marry, notarized and translated into Georgian;
                  • If you’ve been married before, you’ll need a valid apostilled original copy of your marriage certificate or a divorce certificate.
                  • Persons intending to marry must submit a joint written application.
                  • In the case of a second marriage, a legalised and apostilled document certifying the termination of the previous marriage;
                  • 2 witnesses, and if foreigners, their identification documents with a notarized Georgian translation;
                  • A document proving the legal basis for a foreign citizen’s stay in Georgia is required.
                  • If a representative of a person planning to marry submits an application, documents certifying the representative’s power of representation and identity are required.

                  In conclusion to getting married in Georgia

                  Putting the papers together might be the hard part however marrying the person you love makes it all worth the efforts. If you are financially on a tight budget; we often advise our couples to get married in Georgia; however if getting married in Dubai is what you’ve set your mind on. Our team can assist your documents together.

                  If you are getting married soon and confused about the papers required to get married in either of these countries; do not hesitate to book a consultation with out team of experts.

                  Decoding the step-by-step procedure on how to get married in Abu Dhabi

                  Abu Dhabi Government brought up its new family law in November 2021 by Articles 4 & 5 under Law No. 14 of 2021 to regulate personal family issues like marriage. The civil law applies to non-residents and tourists irrespective of their religions. The secular law allows ex-pats and tourists to marry under the civil marriage law. None of the spouses needs to be residents of Abu Dhabi or the United Arab Emirates.

                  In this article we decode the step by step procedure on how to get married in Abu Dhabi.

                  Know all about getting married in Abu Dhabi

                  Abu Dhabi offers a legal marriage solution to couples who cannot marry in different corners of the world. The unique and exclusive is provided only in Abu Dhabi. Legal Counsel of Abu Dhabi Judicial Department says that secular rules regulate the civil marriage law instead of Sharia law.

                  Further, the marriage is only valid till the spouses’ countries apply Sharia Law to their family issues. Individuals can also submit online applications for marriage in Abu Dhabi from foreign countries, schedule their marriage ceremonies in Abu Dhabi, and sign their official marriage certificates. Abu Dhabi’s secular court issued its first-ever civil marriage contract for a Canadian couple in December 2021.

                  Procedure to your wedding in Abu Dhabi

                  Step 1

                  If you applying all by our self you can download the civil marriage application form available on the Judicial Department website of Abu Dhabi or contact a wedding agency if your case is complicated.

                   Step 2

                  The next step requires you to send in the form. You can also send the form via any of the typing centers that you find at the shopping malls in Abu Dhabi.

                  Step 3

                  After submission, the court will give you the marriage date to arrange the ceremony.

                  Step 4

                  It is the final stage. The couple must visit the court on the fixed date and sign the marriage certificate. At maximum, the entire process is over in 10 minutes. Additionally, you can have a stamped original registry certificate on the same date.

                  Concluding on how to get married in Abu Dhabi

                  Abu Dhabi has come to the front not only as of the safest city all across the globe but also as a modern and liberal, cosmopolitan city that allows young individuals to tie wedding knots without any diplomacy or communal limitations.

                  With that said, if you do not want to take big chances with the legalization of your wedding documents; its always advisable to consult with a wedding agency who can guide you in the right direction.

                  Are you looking forward to marrying this summer? Get in touch with our wedding experts to guide you through the hassle-free steps of legally marrying your loved one.

                  Snow wedding venues in Georgia for Dubai expats

                  Is there a better time of year to tie the knot than during the winter? These snowy wedding accents, such as Christmas music and winter flowers, may provide coziness and charm even on the chilliest days. There are several advantages to having a snowy wedding. Summer weddings are without a doubt stunning, but there are a few drawbacks to take into account. Perfectly coiffed bridal hair for a bride could turn into a steamy mess in the oppressive heat. You may avoid that and yet have wonderful wedding photos being taken in the snow, holiday-themed wedding décor, and more by choosing a winter wedding. You must make the most of the wonderful snow wedding venues in Georgia.

                  Venues in Georgia for a snow wedding

                  At 2250 meters above sea level, Gudauri is Georgia’s biggest and most up-to-date ski resort. It was designed to incorporate Georgia’s highest level drop and offers a plethora of freeride and backcountry skiing (ski touring) opportunities. In the Caucasus Mountains, near the top of the Georgian Military Highway, is where you’ll find the resort. Gudauri is a popular destination for mountain lovers from throughout the world. Ample common snow can be found on the crests between Europe and Asia, which will delight snow fans. Including in valleys and mountains, anywhere creates a great location for photo shoots. For dedicated users, Gudauri offers a variety of possibilities.

                  The most famous peak in Georgia, Mount Kazbek, is located in Kazbegi. The Kazbegi Mountain, also known as Mkinvartsveri in certain sources, is Georgia’s third-highest mountain. Numerous religious legends centre around it. You can view the beautiful mountains from anywhere in the vicinity because to the town’s fantastic placement in such a distinctive geographic area. The day-long blanket of clouds that surround Kazbek may entirely block it out. Visit Kazbegi if mountaineering and ice climbing are your thing. Mountain ranges, cliffs, waterfalls, and alpine lakes are frequently visited by tourists, locals, and people interested in mountain sports. Every hamlet you visit in Georgia will offer a variety of lodging options, especially in the mountain areas that are more welcoming to tourists. The beautiful silhouette of the mountain completes a

                  Plan your enchanting snow wedding 

                  If you desire an exquisite snowy wedding that seems to have come straight out of a daydream, we can work with you to plan your ceremony in a contemporary setting with a stunning viewpoint and cultural knowledge. The Easy Wedding team offers a range of services that customers can select from. If you want to have the wedding of your dreams on a low budget, they are ideal. You can organize anything with our help, from a simple paper wedding to a destination wedding. Our staff will precisely manage the ceremony so you can bask in the romanticism of your one-of-a-kind snowy wedding day. We’ve got everything covered, from the stunning wedding arch to the incredible décor.


                  All year round, Dubai experiences mild temperatures with two distinct summer and winter seasons. In January, the lowest average temperatures are near 200C. Despite a few isolated instances of snow in the UAE, the phenomenon is unpredicted. For this reason, Georgia is a good choice if you’re a Dubai expat considering a winter wedding with white flowers. Due to its natural beauty and surprisingly affordable packages, Georgia makes a perfect and enchanting snowy wedding location.

                  Speak with a member of our staff right away for more details on our snow wedding venues in Georgia.

                  Book your free consultation.