Wedding Paperwork Packages For GCC Residents

Our wedding packages are tailored to the citizens of the GCC. At the completion of the process, you will obtain all of the documentation and paperwork you require to live in the GCC.

✔️ Included in the current offer


Court Application Support Service

2500 AED / 680 USD (+5% VAT)

For the application support

We understand you do not need us from the start to the end; let us help you only with the application support.

What’s Included

  • Wedding consultation ✔️
  • Assistance and guidance related to marriage requirements ✔️
  • Examination and preparation of documents✔️
  • Marriage request application ✔️
  • Court Payment ✔️

    *Add Ons: (Can be included at an extra price)

    • After Wedding Support
    • MoFa Attestation 
    • Express Application Support (Get Married Next Day or choose your preferred date)
    • Express home PCR test
    • Cute Bridal Bouquet 
    • Makeup & Hairstylist
    • VIP Transfer
    • Surprise Proposals
    • Photographers (Wedding or Engagement)
    • Videographer
    • Romantic Dinner
    • Saxophonist
    • Romantic hotel room decor
    • Embassy attestation support

        Easy Court Wedding Package

        From 4250 AED / 1158 USD (+5% VAT)

        For those who are not in a rush

        Let’s go through all the steps you need to go through in order to get a wedding certificate for the UAE and outside.

        Before the Wedding

        • Wedding consultation ✔️
        • Documents verification ✔️
        • Wedding request at the court ✔️
        • Civil wedding booking (if the court approve)✔️

        The Wedding Day

        • Transfer to the court if needed ✔️
        • Bridal bouquet ✔️
        • 2 Hardcopy of the wedding certificate ✔️
        • Wedding certificate translation ✔️
        • UAE MoFa attestation ✔️

        After your Wedding

        • Embassy attestation if applicable ✔️
        • After wedding support ✔️
        • Married or refunded ✔️

        *Add Ons: (Can be included at an extra price)

        • Surprise Proposals 
        • Photographers (Wedding or Engagement) 
        • Videographer 
        • VIP Transfer 
        • Romantic dinner
        • Saxophonist
        • Embassy attestation support 

          Express court wedding package

          7100 AED / 1935 USD (+5% VAT)

          For those where time is crucial

          Our team will help you to go through all the needed steps in order to get your wedding done.

          Before the Wedding

          • Wedding consultation ✔️
          • Documents verification ✔️
          • Wedding request at the court express service ✔️
          • Premium Civil booking (special dates or on the same date) ✔️

          The Wedding Day

          • Bridal Bouquet ✔️
          • 2 Hardcopy of the wedding certificate ✔️
          • Wedding certificate translation ✔️
          • UAE MoFA attestation ✔️

          After the wedding

          • After Wedding support ✔️
          • Married or refunded ✔️

          *Add Ons: (Can be included at an extra price)

          • Surprise proposal 
          • Photographers (Wedding or Engagement) 
          • Videographer 
          • VIP Transfer 
          • Romantic Dinner 
          • Saxophonist 
          • Embassy attestation support 

              Most common Wedding questions

              Can UAE expats get married on the same day in Georgia?

              The answer is Yes ! At the Public Hall, you can lawfully marry on the same.

              Right from Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., the Public Hall is open. It is more convenient to file for marriage at the Public Hall because it can take up to three hours, but you must do so before 1 p.m.

              You must appear at the Public Hall to sign your marriage certificate and then submit an apostille translation request. Finally, the embassy or consulate must legalize the documents.

              Documents required to get married in Georgia

              Here’s a quick rundown of the administrative documents you’ll need to be married in Georgia

              • Identity documents of those planning to marry, notarized and translated into Georgian
              • If you’ve been married before, you’ll need a valid apostilled original copy of your marriage certificate or a divorce certificate.
              • Couples seeking to marry must submit a joint written application.
              • In the case of a second marriage, a document declaring the dissolution of the previous marriage, authorized and apostilled by two witnesses
              • If foreigners, their identification documents with a notarized Georgian translation
              • Foreign citizens must produce documentation proving their legal right to stay in Georgia.
              • If a representative of a person planning to marry submits an application, documentation verifying the representative’s power of representation and identity are required.

              In conclusion to getting married in Georgia on the same day

              In today’s world, most couples have highly hectic schedules. Other personal circumstances may also require couples to make fast decisions, and want to marry in one day.

              The important thing to remember is that it is possible to marry on the same day. However, without the assistance of a local wedding team, this is quite difficult. A wedding expert firm will assist you in putting together your documents, notarize them, submit them to the public hall, and ensure that everything is in order for you.

              On your wedding day, all you have to do is show up with your partner, sign the paperwork, and enjoy the rest of the day basking in the Georgia weather.

              Are you a UAE expat, looking to get married on the same day in Georgia. Do let us know; and allow us to help you get married without too much stress.

              Planning your wedding in Dubai Vs with an easy marriage country, Georgia

              Dubai is known for many good things and this is why it is a favorite holiday hub for many people. However, weddings between foreigners might not be so seamless. Georgia on the other hand is a hotspot wedding destination for expats in Dubai and we will discuss why this is so in the following paragraphs.

              Some challenges of marrying in Dubai

              Despite the new 2021 marriage law which has made Dubai civil marriages possible compared to previous years, some might be dissuaded from getting married in this country for other reasons like how soon could one marry.

              Dubai Vs Georgia: An Easy Marriage country

              Below you will find a list of factors that make Georgia an easy marriage country when compared to Dubai.

              • Fast Marriage Processing: Within a 24-hour time period, a marriage can be registered in Georgia. The couple can then go ahead to have their ceremonial wedding. In Dubai, they may have to wait up to a month for registration.
              • Few Official Documents Required: Unlike Dubai where a residence permit is compulsory for one of the individuals getting married, Georgia requires only a passport, so a residence permit is optional. For this reason, tourists and visitors can easily get married in Georgia.
              • Flexible Civil Laws: The civil laws that guide daily living in Dubai might not be upheld by young non-Islamic couples who would always want to express their affection for each other. In Georgia, couples are not limited by laws.

              Concluding thoughts on Dubai Vs Georgia as a easy marriage country

              Compared to Dubai, Georgia has laws that quicken marriage registration. The required documents are few in number. Also, the couple can complete the proceedings within their own schedule.

              To get your Georgian marriage, all you need is to make arrangements to visit the country with the necessary papers.. Having gathered the above facts about the perks of getting married in Georgia, you might still have some lingering doubts.

              However if you have all the necessary documents in place and your wedding situation is not that complicated; one can seamlessly get married in Dubai.

              Kindly book a consultation with our team of wedding experts to understand between Dubai Vs Georgia as your wedding destination.

              What makes UAE national day long weekend best time to marry ?

              The United Arab Emirates celebrates their national day on the 2nd of December every year. On February 10, 1972, the seventh emirate, Ras al Khaimah, was admitted to the federation, becoming it the last emirate(state) to do so.

              To commemorate the occasion, large celebrations are organized around the country. Downtown Dubai is illuminated with fireworks, and the UAE flag is shown on the Burj Khalifa. It’s packed with people hoping to catch a glimpse of the enormous national day fireworks and festivities.

              In this article; we share information on how the UAE National day would be the best time to marry.

              UAE National day dates

              From the National Day to two days later, there are holidays. This time around the Holiday would last from the 1st Dec to the 3rd December given residents the much needed break.

              Most residents living in the UAE are usually expats that often enough are extremely busy. The long weekend in the 1st week of December is the perfect time for them to catch a quick break without cutting into their leaves.

              Choosing UAE National day to Marry

              If you have had plans of getting married; but struggle to finalize the date due to lack of leaves; there could not have been a better time. The UAE National Day is the last long weekend for this year.

              Even Emirates airlines are offering special season discounts on the occasion of UAE National Day. Everyone flying from Dubai on December 2 will receive a special locally crafted chocolate. In First and Business Class, you’ll get a box of truffles, and in Economy Class, you’ll get a sampling set of three chocolates. Visit emirates website for more information.

              Final Verdict on marrying over the long weekend

              While the UAE may be particularly crowded on these dates; other nearby wedding destination such as Georgia and Seychelles would be the best time. Moreover; both these countries offer easy documentation and are on too far away from the GCC countries.

              Thinking about maximizing the UAE National day and getting married; book a call with our team of experts to learn about your options.

              What should I do if I get pregnant before marriage

              Not long ago, pregnancy before marriage was strictly prohibited in the UAE; which simply meant getting married while being pregnant was a punishable offense. However with that said, there is definitely light at the end of the tunnel with the new laws.


              Most Islamic countries which includes the UAE; followed the Zina law which strictly states that a man and woman cant be living under the same roof unless they are married. This means having sex outside marriage was most definitely intolerable and considered to be serious offense.

              The UAE is so strict about these laws that individuals who did get pregnant under unforeseen circumstances or were raped were considered to be criminals and were sentenced to imprisonment.


              THE GUARDIAN, 2019


              According to, the minister of presidential affairs, Mr. Sheikh Mansour Bin Zayed signed the legal order stating that unmarried couples can cohabitate and unmarried women expecting a baby outside a wedlock need not leave the UAE.

              A marriage certificate would no longer be required to enroll the birth of the child and all necessary services such as education and healthcare services would be accessible too.

              “The reforms were an important step in the right direction but authorities must ensure unmarried pregnant women can access healthcare and birth certificates for their children,” said Rothna Begum of Human Rights Watch.

              Reuters, 2021


              Every couple that decides to get married in the UAE has to mandatory undergo a premarital screening test to ensure that they and their partner are safe and to rule out the possibility of having any genetic or STD’s.

              With that said, women were never subjected to undergo a pregnancy back in the days too; however if they were caught to be pregnant then it could led to a serious offense.

              If you are pregnant and have decided to tie the knot; the recent laws would definitely work in your favor and you shouldn’t be hassled.

              If you might know of anyone who would love to hear this piece of information; please feel free to share this.

              Book your free consultation.

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