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Wedding Packages For GCC Residents

Our packages are built for international, interfaith couples and expats. Our team of experts wedding planners is here to help go through the full process.
Our promise is to make your wedding easy.

✔️ Included in the current offer


Court Application Support Service

2500 AED / 680 USD (+5% VAT)

For the application support

We understand you do not need us from the start to the end; let us help you only with the application support.

What’s Included

  • Wedding consultation ✔️
  • Examination and preparation of documents✔️
  • Assistance and guidance related to marriage requirements ✔️
  • Marriage request application ✔️
  • Court Payment ✔️

          UAE Muslim & Nikah Wedding

          From 3500 AED / 950 USD (+5% VAT)

          For those where time is crucial

          Our team will help you to go through all the needed steps in order to get your wedding done.

          Before the wedding

          • Legal consultation ✔️
          • Pre-marital check ✔️
          • Police clearance ✔️

          The Wedding Day

          • Guidance on the steps & requirements ✔️
          • Court fees ✔️
          • Cute bridal bouquet ✔️
          • Wedding venue selection ✔️

          After the wedding

          • After Wedding support ✔️
          • Married or refunded ✔️
          • Legalization of the marriage certificate ✔️

                Easy Court Wedding Package

                From 4250 AED / 1158 USD (+5% VAT)

                For those who are not in a rush

                Let’s go through all the steps you need to go through in order to get a wedding certificate for the UAE and outside.

                Wedding Preparation

                • Wedding consultation ✔️
                • Documents verification ✔️
                • Wedding planner support ✔️
                • Emirates selection ✔️
                • Wedding request at the court ✔️
                • Express court booking (extra)

                During the wedding

                • Civil wedding booking ✔️
                • Court assistance ✔️
                • Bridal bouquet ✔️

                Wedding documents

                • Embassy attestation (if applicable) ✔️
                • After wedding support ✔️
                • Married or refunded ✔️
                • 2 hard copies of your wedding certificate ✔️
                • UAE MoFA attestation ✔️

                  Most common Wedding questions

                  Challenges facing expats from different nationalities: Why is it difficult to marry under Sharia Law

                  Sharia Law makes it difficult for couples that belong to different nationalities to get married. This law allows a Muslim man to marry a non-Muslim woman, but an Islamic woman cannot marry a non-Muslim man unless proof of his conversion to Islam has been provided.

                  In this article; we shed lights on the challenges and difficulties of marrying under Sharia and recommend suggestions to our expat couples.

                  Is it Difficult to Marry under Sharia Law in Dubai with these Requirements? 

                  The following requirements need to be met before a Muslim and non-Muslim can be paired up under Sharia law:

                  • UAE Sharia courts must register marriage contracts.
                  • As per Sharia law, a Muslim man can marry a non-muslim woman but is not acceptable to a Muslim woman.
                  • Online registration of a couple is required through the Dubai court website. The issued reference number at the time of registration must be brought to the court. 
                  • One partner should be a resident of the UAE for the contract. The parties must have their Emirates id and passports for their identity verification.
                  • Both partners’ ages must not be below 18 years.
                  • Required premarital certifications must clearly demonstrate that they do not have serious diseases such as HIV/AIDS, thalassemia, etc. 
                  • The bride’s father along with two male Muslim witnesses are required.
                  • If the father is deceased, the next closest male guardian must be there.
                  • If the women are divorced or widowed, they need to submit the status of proof.
                  • If the bride’s father is Non-muslim and the bride is a Muslim, she must have a ‘No Objection’ letter from her embassy or consulate.
                  • All the documents must be endorsed by the relevant embassies before presenting to the Court.

                  Final thoughts on Choosing Abu Dhabi for marriage VS Marry under Sharia Law in Dubai:

                  Although Dubai is a city of extravagant places where many tourists, both Muslim and non-Muslim expats, love to travel there. But still, getting married there under Sharia law is a bit more complicated and lengthy. So, most expats of different ethnicities choose Abu Dhabi as a top choice due to the fact that immigrants of different faiths are permitted to marry under certain circumstances.

                  Or the next best option for mixed couples if to opt for destinations such as Georgia, Seychelles that offer the best paperwork and ceremonial weddings. The same can then be attested in the UAE & other GCC countries.

                  Let us help you organize a stress-free wedding and choose an easy-going destination place for you!

                  New Marriage Laws in UAE – Why You Still Need to Get Married in Dubai

                  The New Marriage Laws in UAE brings new amendments to its family laws. The new laws will make it easier for non-national unmarried people to cohabitate. It’s essential to remember that these laws are taking effect right now permitting the unmarried couple to legally share a home.

                  The Effects of New Marriage Laws in UAE. The UAE government is trying to keep on staying in an ideal place for foreigners to live. However, the new laws don’t change the fact that you actually should marry if that you need to procure a family visa and conceive an offspring. Additionally, the new laws likewise don’t permit females to conceive without a wedding certificate.

                  The new changes take into consideration the individual’s country’s laws to use for legacy and separations in the UAE. In simple words, it just implies that the old Sharia Law won’t apply to any couple who need to live without a wedding certificate.

                  Why Do You Still Need to Get Married in Dubai?

                  As mentioned, if you want to have a proper family or sponsorship in the UAE, you still need to get married. Moreover, if you live as a family without a wedding certificate, and have a baby, you might not end up being in prison. The new laws won’t be as punishable as earlier but it sure will cost you a lot of time. You might also lose your job because getting a marriage certificate from your embassy is a very long process.

                  Concluding New Marriage Laws in UAE – Why You Still Need to Get Married in Dubai

                  That’s why you still need the most efficient and quick services to marry in Dubai. Not only will it help you to avoid all the hassle, but it’ll also allow you to support your family. Living in UAE will be free of any fears and doubts now.

                  Feel free to let us know by commenting below if you need to get married in Dubai. We’ll get back to you right away.

                  How strict are abortion laws in Dubai?

                  If you get pregnant in Dubai, it doesn’t matter whether you are a foreigner or a native. The strict rules of abortion are equal for both. Everyone is aware of how hard it is for women to reach out to safe and legal abortion services in Dubai.

                  What are the abortion laws in Dubai?

                  Aborting a pregnancy is a crime in Dubai unless these conditions must be met

                  • If women’s survival rate is less
                  • Having evidence of either baby will be born with fatal abnormalities or will have no chance of survival.

                  Termination of pregnancy is only allowed before 120 days or the 17th week of the pregnancy. Approval of an authorized medical board is highly required at this point. Undoubtedly, this act is not acceptable after 120 days of pregnancy. 

                  Steps Taken against Illegal Abortion

                  5 years of imprisonment shall be inflicted if any pregnant woman aborts it willfully through drugs or undergoes any other procedure that leads to abortion. Without her consent, she will be sentenced to seven years in prison.

                  Recommending the Best Solution for Pregnant Women outside of Wedlock:

                  The New Personal Laws of 2021 state that no discrimination will be provided to women who become pregnant outside of marriage. Although, couples have to remember that this might have serious long-term effects. 

                  There are many other alternatives that the mother of the child can opt for. For example; If starting a family has always been on their mind; they can consider getting married. Keep in mind that many countries, like Georgia and Seychelles, are the perfect alternatives to obtaining an official marriage license in two weeks. Rather than this, women who can’t go abroad have the option of a virtual ceremony.

                  Having an unexpected pregnancy and planning a wedding? Call our legal wedding planners today.

                  What Is This Catholic Course to Get Married in Dubai?

                  Marriage lays the foundation of a family and a family makes up a society. It’s therefore important for all marriages to be stable and strong. If you’re catholic want to marry while living in Dubai, you are in the right place. This article will discuss the most important things that you want to know about the catholic course to get married in Dubai. Keep on reading to find out to make your wedding process easier.

                  Catholic Course for Wedding in Dubai!

                  The catholic church insists all the couple living in Dubai to attend the marriage preparation course. The couple must adhere to this course before they intend the date of entering into their sacrament of matrimony. It’s not only the requirements from the Church, but it also helps the couple marrying to understand and have a realistic look at how they can make their sacramental marriage stable and strong.

                  • Taking part in the catholic course to marry is actually the prerequisite to receiving the sacrament of matrimony. This course might completes in two months before the sacramental marriage most preferably.
                  • The marriage preparation course is a two-day program that takes place at the catholic church Dubai. It mostly takes place on the third Thursday and Friday each month. The time at which the couple is required to report is Thursday 6:00 am to 10:00 am. On the other hand, on Friday you will be required to report from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. Moreover, the couple is informed about their venue at the time of the registration.
                  • The couples must attend the course for both of the days as it’s compulsory. Additionally, the couple who won’t be able to attend the sessions will need to register themselves for the next course.
                  • The catholic church only issues the certificates after the completion of the course. In order to make sure of the correctness of the names on the certificates, we recommend you to cross-check them on the registration lists especially at the parish office while submitting the baptism certificate.

                  Registration is Necessary

                  • Another important thing to keep in mind is that only the registered couples will be permitted in the hall.
                  • The couple will also have to enroll for the registration at least three weeks in advance. The catholic serve the couples on the basis of first come first serve and the number of participants for a current course session is limited.
                  • The course programs inform the couples who want to get married about the most important things about marriage. You’ll need to have an original baptism certificate in order to register for the course.
                  • There fee for each participant is very nominal and the couple will have to pay for that at the time of registration. (AED 75-100)

                  It’s the most important information about Catholic Course to Get Married in Dubai.

                  Concluding Pre Marriage Course Requirements in Dubai

                  If you want to marry while living in Dubai, you’ll need to attend the marriage preparation course if possible. Not only will it help you with your wedding process, but it will also allow you to maintain your after marriage life with better stability.

                  If you know someone who wants to marry in Dubai catholic church then help them by sharing this guide with them.

                  Book your free consultation.