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Our wedding packages are customized for the GCC residents. You will receive all the documents & paperwork you need to live in the GCC at the end of the process.

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Court wedding package

Depends on every case individually

For the lovebirds

We will make sure to help you prepare all the documents and take all the necessary steps on the way to your wedding day.

What is included

  • Legal consultation ✔️
  • Guidance on the steps and requirements ✔️
  • Documents validation ✔️
  • Pre-marital check information ✔️
  • Legalization of the marriage certificate ✔️

Some of the basic requirements

  • Passport scan copy ✔️
  • UAE resident visa scan copy ✔️
  • Pre-marriage medical examination certificate scan copy ✔️
  • Singleness or divorce certificate (if applicable) ✔️
  • Guardian ✔️
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UAE family visa package


For the new families

Our team will do the whole process of the UAE visa application for you. You just need to take care of your medical examination. But we provide all the details as well. It’s that easy.

What is included

  • Spouse sponsor Visa ✔️
  • Family visa open file ✔️
  • Applications ✔️
  • Entry Permit eVisa ✔️
  • Change of status inside the country ✔️
  • Medical test Typing Application ✔️
  • Visa stamping ✔️
  • Emirates ID ✔️


  • Scanned passport copy and visa page copy with original Emirates ID of sponsor ✔️
  • Sponsor’s labour contract ✔️
  • Sponsor’s 3 months Bank statement ✔️
  • Tenancy contract of 1BHK on Sponsor’s name ✔️
  • Original attested Marriage certificate and Birth certificate ( if you have kids) ✔️
  • Applicant’s / dependents passport copy and visit visa/cancellation page copy and clear scanned pictures ✔️
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Newborn UAE residence visa package


For the happy parents

Our team will take care of every single step of the newborn UAE visa application and will guide you through the process.

What is included

  • Family sponsor Visa ✔️
  • Family visa open file ✔️
  • Applications ✔️
  • Entry Permit eVisa ✔️
  • Change of status inside the country ✔️
  • Visa stamping ✔️
  • Emirates ID ✔️


  • Scanned passport copy and visa page copy with original Emirates ID of sponsor ✔️
  • Sponsor’s labour contract ✔️
  • Sponsor’s 3 months Bank statement ✔️
  • Tenancy contract of 1BHK on Sponsor’s name ✔️
  • Original attested Marriage certificate and Birth certificate ( if you have kids) ✔️
  • Applicant’s / dependents passport copy and clear scanned pictures ✔️

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Most common Wedding questions
Legal Marriage Process to get married in the UAE?

If you live in Dubai or any other place in the UAE, you would already know that this region is booming economically. It attracts countless foreigners and that is the reason countless foreigners live here. That’s the reason that it comes with no surprises why foreigners marry in the UAE. Keep in mind it’s a little bumpy and pretty long road but certainly doable. You have to complete all the documentation and Legal Marriage Process to Get Married in the UAE. It includes multiple things that we’re going to discuss in this article. So, keep reading if you’re planning your wedding in the UAE soon.

The list of Legal Marriage Process for getting married in the UAE!

Well, let’s break down the whole procedure because a step by step guide will be a lot easier to understand. The very first thing for a wedding in the UAE is consulting with your Embassy or church. There is no solid-state set of rules for that because the requirements vary from nationality to nationality and religion to religion. Depending on your country of origin, your respective embassy will guide you regarding all the required documentation. But we have compiled a list of basic rules and requirements that will help you to make the whole procedure a lot easier.


CNIM stands for Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage or in other words the certificate of singleness. You along with the person you want to marry will have to obtain an original copy from your respective consulate or embassy if you’re a UAE resident. Whereas, if you’re not a UAE resident then you’ll need to obtain it from your origin country issued by the local government, registrars, or agencies with authority. Keep in mind that it must be duly stamped from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of your own country as well as of Dubai. Moreover, you must not obtain the CNIM for more than three months in advance. Last but not least is the original divorce certificate in case of divorce.

Baptism Certificate

A baptism certificate or you can also obtain your pastor’s recommendation letter for your marriage for the same purpose.

Other Requirements

In addition to all the above requirements and certificates, you’ll need to have an entry stamp for non-resident along with a visa and passport copy. On your application, you’ll need to paste a passport size photo and a complete application form that provides complete detail of both of the spouses wanting to marry.

UAE Court Requirements

The list of documents required for UAE court is also long and we have covered the most important ones as followed:

  • Emirates ID and UAE visa of residency at least for one of the spouses
  • Original passport and Original birth certificate
  • Singleness certificate issued by your home country or embassy.
  • Original divorce certificate from UAE MoFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and UAE Embassy, in case of divorce. A copy of the divorce certificate for record-keeping.
  • The bride’s father or guardian’s presence is compulsory. If not possible then father’s or guardian’s passport with a letter of consent.
  • Four latest PP photographs for the medical center
  • The non-Muslim bride should also have a couple of witnesses of the same nationality as EID
  • An Original medical pre-marriage examination certificate that you must obtain from the authorized medical board
  • Muslim couple should also have two Muslim witnesses with EID

Concluding Legal Marriage Process to marry in the UAE

These are some of the basic requirements that you must have to get married in the UAE. It’s a long procedure and best for those couples who don’t require a marriage certificate immediately. You can continue your job while completing all the requirements by managing one step at a time.

If you know someone who wants to marry in the UAE, share this article with them. It will make the whole procedure a little easier for them.

What Is This Catholic Course to Get Married in Dubai?

Marriage lays the foundation of a family and a family makes up a society. It’s therefore important for all marriages to be stable and strong. If you’re catholic want to marry while living in Dubai, you are in the right place. This article will discuss the most important things that you want to know about the catholic course to get married in Dubai. Keep on reading to find out to make your wedding process easier.

Catholic Course for Wedding in Dubai!

The catholic church insists all the couple living in Dubai to attend the marriage preparation course. The couple must adhere to this course before they intend the date of entering into their sacrament of matrimony. It’s not only the requirements from the Church, but it also helps the couple marrying to understand and have a realistic look at how they can make their sacramental marriage stable and strong.

  • Taking part in the catholic course to marry is actually the prerequisite to receiving the sacrament of matrimony. This course might completes in two months before the sacramental marriage most preferably.
  • The marriage preparation course is a two-day program that takes place at the catholic church Dubai. It mostly takes place on the third Thursday and Friday each month. The time at which the couple is required to report is Thursday 6:00 am to 10:00 am. On the other hand, on Friday you will be required to report from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. Moreover, the couple is informed about their venue at the time of the registration.
  • The couples must attend the course for both of the days as it’s compulsory. Additionally, the couple who won’t be able to attend the sessions will need to register themselves for the next course.
  • The catholic church only issues the certificates after the completion of the course. In order to make sure of the correctness of the names on the certificates, we recommend you to cross-check them on the registration lists especially at the parish office while submitting the baptism certificate.

Registration is Necessary

  • Another important thing to keep in mind is that only the registered couples will be permitted in the hall.
  • The couple will also have to enroll for the registration at least three weeks in advance. The catholic serve the couples on the basis of first come first serve and the number of participants for a current course session is limited.
  • The course programs inform the couples who want to get married about the most important things about marriage. You’ll need to have an original baptism certificate in order to register for the course.
  • There fee for each participant is very nominal and the couple will have to pay for that at the time of registration. (AED 75-100)

It’s the most important information about Catholic Course to Get Married in Dubai.

Concluding Pre Marriage Course Requirements in Dubai

If you want to marry while living in Dubai, you’ll need to attend the marriage preparation course if possible. Not only will it help you with your wedding process, but it will also allow you to maintain your after marriage life with better stability.

If you know someone who wants to marry in Dubai catholic church then help them by sharing this guide with them.

Marriage in UAE on Visit Visa – Can You Get Married in Dubai on a Visit Visa?

By law, Dubai is an Islamic country. In Islam, a marriage certificate is a contract that safeguards the rights of both of the spouses. The expats of all nationalities can marry in Dubai and Muslims can do it in the Sharia court. It also issues their visas of residence. It is one of the most asked questions whether you can have Marriage in UAE on Visit Visa. This article contains all the important information that you need to know.

Things You Need to Know Regarding Getting Married in Dubai on a Visit Visa!

Muslims who are on visit visa can’t register for marriage at the sharia court. Moreover, non-Muslims need to contact their respective embassies to find all the necessary information under the Foreign Marriage Act. The requirements to marry on a visit visa can vary from nationality to nationality.

According to the UAE law, the man must be Muslim and a woman can be Non-Muslim but must be from the book religion.

Conditions Where a Visit Visa Can Work for Wedding!

The couple must have a legal and valid residency visa. Although, if the woman is entering Dubai on a visit visa along with her father or a legal guardian, then the residence visa of a male who wants to marry the girl with a visit visa will be enough. It will allow the couple to complete the marriage process.

Moreover, it will be necessary for the spouse who is on a visit visa (woman in the mentioned case) to present his/her medical screening report.

Whereas, if the man is on the visit visa, then the documents of the woman’s legal guardian (father, mother, brother, stepfather) will be necessary for the medical of the concerned man. If the wife is a widow or divorced then she’ll need to provide proof of her ex or deceased husband.

There is another unique case that states, if the woman is Muslim and her father or legal guardian is a Non-Muslim, then a no objection letter from her embassy or consulate must be submitted. Moreover, the couple will also need to get the no-objection certificate ratified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It should also have legal Arabic translation.

If the woman is Jew or Christian, then her guardian, father, or legal guardian’s deputy must also be present. If it’s not possible then the judge can also act as her legal guardian. The couple will also be needing two witnesses.

There’re some final checks that the couple will also need to complete such as the requirements from their origin countries. For example, the authorization of marriage, social status proof, and any other document. Other than that, the copies of the original passports of the couple and bride’s guardian. Additionally, the proof of IDs of two witnesses is also necessary.

Concluding Marriage in UAE on Visit Visa – Can You Get Married in Dubai on a Visit Visa?

These are some of the basic rules and conditions that you want to meet to get married in Dubai on a visit visa. The best way to find all the detailed conditions and set of rules, you can visit your respective embassy.

If you want help with your case then let us know by commenting down below. We’ll get in touch as soon as possible.

Online Marriage Dubai – What Type of Wedding Certificate will You Get if You Can’t Get Married in Dubai and opt to Get Married Online?

Regardless of the current situation of the world, Dubai is not an ideal place to get married. It’s because of its long wedding procedure that sometimes can easily take months. But there are also many situations when you need to get married in the least possible time. So, in that situation getting married in Dubai is certainly not advisable in general cases. If you choose to get married online in that situation, have you ever wondered about the getting married online process and what type of wedding certificate you’ll get? We have compiled this article for you that will provide you with the answer to this question. So, keep on reading, so that you can go for your online wedding with peace of mind.

What Type of Wedding Certificate will You Get by Getting Married Online?

First of all, it’s just an online wedding for you and not for us. We’ll need to complete all the procedures traditionally from different institutions. The only difference is that you won’t be physically present in that procedure. Therefore, for you, it’s of course an online wedding. Moreover, by getting married online you’ll get a civil marriage contract. It will be apostilled and recognized internationally once the whole legalization process is completed. Which means that you will be able to use it to live as a family.

Important Consideration Before Online Wedding!

It’s important to note that your online wedding contract will not be religious. So, if you’re specifically looking for that then it might not work for you. But there are always workarounds and you can opt for a destination wedding or wait till your wedding process in the UAE gets completed.

Final Word on Online Marriage Dubai – What Type of Wedding Certificate will You Get if You Can’t Get Married in Dubai and opt to Get Married Online?

Getting Married online is one of the most convenient ways to get married. However, we’ll need to perform all the hefty work and we’ll do that happily for you.

If you want to opt for that then inform us by writing in the comment section below. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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