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An easy wedding in Bahrain for Dubai expats

An easy wedding in Bahrain Vs Abu Dhabi for expats

Expats might want to choose between Bahrain and Abu Dhabi for marriage. Some might consider the latter option because they believe that the conditions are lenient while others might prefer Bahrain because of its calm and welcoming nature. First, these two territories share close borders with each other. Furthermore, they belong to the Persian Gulf and practice the same religion.

It is ideal that the prospective couple examines the standards for marriage in Bahrain and Abu Dhabi. This post will address marital expectations in Bahrain. It will also consider why the marriage court house in Abu Dhabi might be a better option for expat couples.

The marital procedures in Bahrain

The marriage process in Bahrain is pretty straightforward for Muslim couples. According to the Family Law in Bahrain the parties must adhere to the following:

  • The health screening process: The bride and groom are expected to undergo some health evaluations in an approved hospital. This will help to prevent any unforeseen surprises in relation to their health statuses.
  • Dowry payment: The groom needs to pay an agreed dowry to the bride’s family. All of these should be settled before the legal processes commence.
  • Letter of Approval: Prospective couples in the field of security should obtain a letter of approval from their employers. Expats might also require a No Objection Certificate from their embassies.
  • Accreditation of the Marriage certificate: The marriage certificate has to be accredited by the Ministry of Justice.

An easy wedding in Bahrain versus marriage in the Abu Dhabi courthouse

There is no difference between marriage in Bahrain and one in Dubai for non-Muslim expats. So, traveling to Bahrain for a destination wedding might be a stressful option for some. Abu Dhabi offers expat couples the option of a civil wedding.

A wedding in the Abu Dhabi courthouse is fast and seamless. It does not restrict the couple on the basis of ethnicity or religion. However, the couple should be up to the age of 18 and give their consent to the marriage. The option of a pre-marriage certificate and guardian’s approval is also ruled out for expat couples who want to marry in Abu Dhabi.

Having seen all the benefits of marriage in Abu Dhabi, expat couples might want further counseling on the requirements and procedures. Book a consultation with our team of wedding expats for detailed directions.

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