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Be ready: UAE's first Metaverse wedding happening tomorrow


Florian Ughetto and Liz Nunez will be the first couple in the United Arab Emirates to marry in the Metaverse on May 19. Decentraland will host the ceremony, which will be attended by the couple’s close family and friends.

What is Metaverse?

Mark Zuckerberg announced the online Metaverse as the next step in social networking. In 3D environments, you can socialize, study, work, and collaborate.

When it comes to constructing surroundings, Metaverse is a flawless technology with no limitations. In an immersive 3D world that goes beyond real-world settings, a couple can not only create their 3D avatars but also their dream wedding set-up.

Story of the first UAE metaverse couple

Florian is a Frenchman, while Liz, his partner, and co-founder, is a Paraguayan. Both had been living and working in the Middle East for several years when they met and fell in love. The couple wanted to fly in with their friends and relatives from both countries when they chose to marry.

After they got married they create Easy Wedding; a Dubai-based wedding start-up company that recently raised over 100,000 dollars. 

And tomorrow they are getting married in Metaverse. In the brilliant virtual world, which will become a future wedding destination.

First Metaverse wedding in UAE

Florian and Liz will walk down the aisle in their Decentraland plot, dressed in a stylish, custom-made black and brown suit and a lovely white gown purchased for roughly $100 from the most major NFT market Open Sea. The couple will have 20 guests from different parts of the world. They will attend the ceremony from home.

If you want to attend the first Metaverse wedding; drop us a direct message and we’ll invite you.

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