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Civil marriage for foreigners: Georgia Vs Dubai


Are you confused about having your civil marriage in Georgia Vs Dubai because you are a foreigner? This article discusses the most significant considerations to make while getting married in Georgia and Dubai if you live in any of the GCC countries. Our suggestions will help you get one step closer in going through the hassle-free and simplistic wedding you’ve always dreamed about.


Let’s say things just the way they are; getting married in Georgia is a lot more simpler for foreign nationals because of the complexities that arise of marrying someone from outside your race, culture and country.

This is probably one of the biggest reasons, why in recent times Georgia as a wedding destination has picked up with the number of foreign nationals that meet, fall in love and want to get married eventually. If you currently reside in any of the GCC here’s what you need to get married in Georgia:

  • You will need your passport,
  • A passport translation and notarization,
  • Two witnesses to get married in Georgia,
  • Arrive in Georgia; to get the papers duly signed,
  • Once you are married in Georgia, you will then need to register and translate your wedding certificate with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and have your embassy confirm it.

Georgia does not restrict individuals from different nationalities and religion in getting married unlike many other countries.


Dubai in recent years, has become a home to many foreign nationals which is why one would encounter individuals from different races, culture and religion. Although getting married to a person from outside your religion or country is not prohibited; the paperwork involved can be very stressful. None the less here are your options:


This would be an ideal option if both the spouses share the same faith and nationality. The most straightforward way is to inquire immediately at your embassy about the marriage process and procedures.

However, If your partner is of a different religion or nationality, the list of paperwork you’ll have to give to your embassy to get married could be lengthy.


If both of you are Muslims, another alternative is to marry in a court in one of the GCC countries. However, if any of the partner is a non-Muslim then you would need to rule out this alternative and hunt for another option


All we can tell you is getting married is one of the most special days of your life. And it is important that you pick the right place that solidifies your marriage and makes your big day eventful for you and your partner.

It would be extremely biased for us to pick a destination for you without understanding your special situation; however we are happy to assist you if you need help along the way.

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