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Court marriage in Dubai for Pakistani


Pakistanis, after Indians, are the UAE’s second-largest national group, accounting up 12.5 percent of the country’s overall population. Pakistani professionals are common in the UAE, working for a variety of multinational corporations. Many of them are bankers that work at both local and multinational institutions. Many Pakistani eateries are owned and operated by expatriate Pakistanis in the UAE.

Unlike many other nationalities; it is very common we come across Pakistani couples who want to get married. This article has it all included however if you need a more definitive guide you can read: how to get married in Dubai court


Both the husband and the bride must meet a few simple marriage criteria to get married at the Dubai court in United Arab Emirates.

  • Both must be of legal age, otherwise parental or judicial consent will be sought. Local courts will consider each matter in unique instances.
  • During the ceremony, both contracting parties to a marriage must be present;
  • Attendance is required of the groom’s father or a designated proxy.
  • The bride’s legal guardian must give his or her consent in writing.
  • Certificate of marital status, particularly for a widower/widower/divorcee;
  • If the Muslim bride does not have a Muslim father or legal guardian, the bride must get a NOC from the bride’s embassy or consulate in the UAE.

After you’ve made your decision, you can schedule your wedding date. The Sharia court must receive notice of the court marriage at least 30 days before the wedding. Include the following documents too:

  • The wedding date and time
  • Location of solemnization
  • Emirates and passports Groom and bride’s identification cards
  • The two male witnesses’ passports
  • Agreements on payment

The couple would then be required to go through the planned solemnization ceremony on the wedding day. Make sure you have these items on hand for the big day:

  • The bride’s and groom’s passports
  • License/certificate of marriage
  • Remind witnesses to bring their passports.
  • The marriage will be legally recognized in the UAE after the officiation.

It is important to note that these are documents required; if you are marrying the person of the same nationality however if one of the partner is a foreign national; the paperwork might get a lot more trickier.

It is always advisable for you and your partner to speak to your respective consulate/embassy and get the right information


Most young Pakistani couples would spend a significant amount of time and effort after receiving a marriage proposal to iron out the wedding plans. This encompasses everything from the invitations, decor, venue arrangements, pre and post wedding photoshoot, guest list, and seating arrangements, among other things.

Although these are important, it’s also vital to consider the essential legal conditions that must be met in order for a marriage to be registered and recognized in the United Arab Emirates.

If you are a Pakistani couple residing in Dubai and are struggling to prepare the much-needed paperwork’ our expert team can help you go the extra mile without much hassle.

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