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Dubai voted one of the most popular wedding destinations in 2022


Dubai compares with wedding destinations like Venice, Italy, New York, and London in their degree of luxury and popularity. Little wonder then that many people want to have their 2022 wedding in Dubai.

Couples have different reasons for choosing Dubai as a wedding destination even though it might be expensive. In the course of this article, we will learn what these reasons are. We will also consider what they can do to cut down on the costs.

What does a wedding in the UAE entail?

To host a 2022 wedding in Dubai or any other emirate in the UAE, there are basic expenses that the couple has to cover. Some of them are:

  • Music: Fun-loving couples often wish to have a wedding that has exciting music. Entertainment is non-negotiable.
  • Transportation: Couples who live in the emirate often need to arrange transportation fares for friends and family from other parts of the world.
  • Venue: Couples who want natural settings might go for sea-centered facilities, mountains, or waterfalls. All of these can be quite pricey.

Any couple that wants to marry in Dubai must build their financial strength because expenses can be quite high. However, many people still love this destination.

Why couples choose a 2022 wedding in Dubai

Many couples have varied reasons for choosing Dubai as a preferred wedding destination. For some of them, the central location of the country is a good reason. This feature makes it easy for friends and relatives from different parts of the world to easily reach the country. Note what a bride has to say:

 “We have family scattered all over the world. Dubai was the one place where everyone could come together with minimal paperwork and issues. Also, I moved to Dubai 5 years ago. This is the place we call home, so the city is special to us as well.”

Sadaf Mayet Khaleej Times

For some others, the fact that they have lived in Dubai all their lives is enough reason to marry there. Their work colleagues, friends, and family also live in the emirate so it is easier to bring loved ones together. The sentiments of a bride’s father are expressed below:

“Both the groom’s family and my family have been long-term residents here,” he said. “My children grew up in Dubai and this is home for them. Moreover, the bride and groom both work here. A local wedding meant they didn’t have to take extended time off work. Some of our relatives flew in from Kuwait and India. From the boy’s side, a lot of family members flew in from Bahrain. It was a very convenient location for everyone.”

Noushad Ahmed Khaleej Times

What can couples do if they have a limited budget?

For some couples who have a limited budget, it is not totally impossible to marry in Dubai. Such couples can save on expenses by opting for weekday weddings which are not as expensive as weekend weddings.

Couples can also make a little research to find out the low and high seasons for their weddings. The low seasons do not have a lot of rush, so the pressure on them will not be so much.

If you are interested in the idea of a Dubai wedding, book a consultation with our team of wedding experts. They will help you to plan an excellent wedding.

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