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Easy Guide for Egyptian and Filipino Marriage in Dubai | Egyption and Filipino to get married in Dubai

Easy Guide for Egyptian and Filipino Marriage in Dubai

Just like other places, Dubai has its own set of processes that you need to fulfill to get married. Additionally, you can plan your dream wedding depending upon your religion, residency status, and nationality. It can also alter the straightforward process to a complex and time consuming one. This article discusses the most important requirements and guidelines for Egyptian and Filipino marriages in Dubai.

How Egyptian and Filipino Can Marry in Dubai

In order to complete the marriage process, the couple will need to fulfill the following requirements.

Premedical Checkup

Both the bride and the groom undergoing the marriage must have a medical screening test. It presents their health status that ensures that both of the spouses are medically fit for marriage.

Valid Permit for Staying in the Country

Anyone of the parties initiating the marriage process must have a valid permit to stay within the country. Presenting passport and national ID to represent visa status and identity is also necessary.

Divorce Paper

All the divorces must submit their official divorce certificate. The same is the case of widowers and widows as they also need to submit the deceased spouse’s death certificate.

NOC Letter

If an Egyptian National wants to marry a Filipino, s/he must contact his/her council mate or embassy to obtain a no-objection letter.

Physical Presence of Both Parties

Both of the parties must be present on the day of the wedding. Moreover, the father or guardian of the bride and two Muslim men should also be present as witnesses.

Certificate of Converting to Islam

UAE law only allows Muslim men to marry Non-Muslim females only in the case where the female is from any of the book religion. On the other hand, if a Non-Muslim man wants to marry a Muslim woman, he will need to convert to Islam. He’ll also need to present his certificate of embracing Islam issued and approved by the General Authority of Islamic Affairs and Endowments.

Conditions for Egyptian and Filipino to Get Married in Dubai

There are some different requirements and conditions to fulfill in order to marry in Dubai. For Egyptians and Filipinos, it’s important to complete the following requirements.

  • Both of the spouses can’t be of the same gender
  • The couple will need to register their marriage legally to complete the process
  • The approval from the chief justice of the personal status court is a must for a person who wants to marry and not 18 years old
  • The marriage certificate must be translated to Arabic if a couple wants to get it recognized in Dubai. You can easily achieve it using any of the official translators
  • The marriage certificate must be attested by the Ministry of Justice. Then the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will authenticate it. After that, the couple will need to get it authenticated from their respective consulate or embassy.

In order to get all the unique details regarding your particular case, you can contact a respective lawyer of any Dubai wedding service. It will allow you to find the most comprehensive and detailed requirement guide for Egyptian and Filipino marriage.

Concluding Egyptian and Filipino Marriage in Dubai

Marrying in Dubai is not an easy task and you have to spend a good amount of time to get all the paperwork done. It certainly doesn’t mean that it’s not possible. It only means that you might not be able to marry in Dubai immediately. So, if you’re a couple with any of the spouses from Egypt and others from the Philippines, you need to prepare your mind for a long and hectic process.

Share this guide with your Egyptian or Filipino friend to make their wedding process a little easier.

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