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Easy wedding for Saudi expats in Dubai


If you are an expat living in Saudi Arabia looking to have an easy wedding, you have come to the right place. A wedding day is usually marks the most important event for anyone’s life. Among all the GCC countries, Dubai is the most favorable option for expats to get married in. Dubai offers some of the most sumptuous wedding venues. Keep in mind, that these dreamy venues can cost an unreasonable amount to reserve. The good news for interfaith or non-Muslim couples is that Abu Dhabi now provides a legal route to getting married.

Easy wedding requirements for Saudi expats in Dubai

  • Bride’s approval
  • Resident permit for either parties (Valid)
  • Valid Passports
  • Pre-marital screening certificate from public healthcare facilities
  • Muslim couples are married under Sharia law which requires a never-ending list of documents
  • 18 years of age according to the Islamic calendar
  • The age gap between the spouses should not be twice the other
  • Attendance of the bride’s father or her male guardian plus two male Muslim witnesses
  • Divorced or widowed Muslim women need to provide proof of status

Easy wedding options offered by Abu Dhabi

The government of Dubai does not provide the option for civil marriages yet, it is possible for non-Muslim Saudi expats to hold a wedding in Abu Dhabi. According to the new law; UAE residents, tourists and visitors can get married in Abu Dhabi civil court.

The requirements include:

  • Legal age of both parties (18 years or more)
  • Free consent of both parties
  • A declaration form signed by both parties to deny any previous marriages
  • Proof of no record of existing marriage
  • Completed and signed marriage application form
  • Copy of passport/Emirates ID for both parties
  • Marriage agreement (optional)

Is an easy wedding in Dubai really possible for Saudi expats?

If you are an expat who can afford the outrageous cost of getting married in Dubai, it is definitely a suitable option for you. If you want to be gentle on your pocket, we advise you to consider other easy wedding countries like Georgia and Seychelles. They offer you dramatic yet affordable landscapes for your special day. Holding an online wedding is another ideal option for couples who want to stick to a budget. The marriage certificate will then simply be registered with the civil affairs office.

Still need further guidance on how to have an easy wedding as a Saudi expat? Reach out to one of our team member now!

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