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Easy wedding in Seychelles for expats in Dubai

Easy wedding in Seychelles for expats in Dubai

The institution of marriage has always played a significant role in human culture, dating back thousands of years. Almost all religions and cultures around the world observe a similar type of partnership ceremony. Because of the UAE’s economic success, a large number of foreigners have relocated here to make a livelihood.

The UAE follows Sharia Law, which states that marriage is the only legal bond that allows a man and a woman to have a legal relationship. If you are an expat living in Dubai thinking to tie the knot and have an easy destination wedding in Seychelles, read on to learn the basic rules and requirements.

Wedding requirements to fulfill for a legal marriage in Dubai

Due to the approximately 200 different nationalities that call Dubai home, the number of weddings between expats is more than double that of Emirati couples.

Things you need to have a wedding in Dubai:

  • At least one individual must have an employment or residency visa in Dubai.
  • Both parties must be present in the Dubai Court on the day of the wedding.
  • The couple’s national identification
  • The couple’s passports
  • The couple’s visa status
  • Pre-marriage medical examination

Muslim women must have a guardian and two male witnesses. They cannot be their own representatives. If the father of the bride cannot be present on the day of the wedding, he may appoint a proxy guardian. This proxy must be of the same faith as the father. A certified power of attorney should also be produced.

Does Abu Dhabi law make the wedding easy for expats in Dubai?

Since the government of Dubai does not allow civil weddings, non-Muslim expats can have their weddings in Abu Dhabi under the latest law.

The conditions include:

  • Both parties are of legal age of consent (18 years or more)
  • Free consent of both parties
  • A paper signed by both parties denying any past marriages.
  • Proof that there is no record of an existing marriage
  • Marriage application form, completed and signed
  • Copy of both parties’ passports/Emirates ID
  • Marriage contract (optional)

Dubai or Seychelles: Which easy wedding option should you pick?

Dubai provides a variety of wedding options, but depending on your nationality and residency status, getting married in Dubai can range from simple to time-consuming and a bit longer. If you’re spending most of your time looking for the ideal wedding gown and stressing over the location, it might be time to take a break and think about the paperwork you’ll need to complete to make your big day a reality.

If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of compiling a large number of paperwork to legitimize your wedding, Seychelles is a great option. Seychelles provides the perfect backdrop of blue oceans for your special day and has magnificent vistas and exquisite hotels. Seychelles has the most stunning setting for your wedding; it is also surprisingly inexpensive and easy to host a wedding in Seychelles.

Easy wedding in Seychelles in 4 steps:

  • Authenticated copies of both parties’ passports
  • Both parties’ authenticated birth certificates
  • Authenticated divorce/death certificates (for prior spouse) – if relevant
  • Filling out an online form or phoning the Civil Status office to register

The Seychelles government needs the couple to appear before the Civil Status office. If you want to marry at home, you must notify the Civil Status office at least a week in advance.

If you are a couple looking to marry in Dubai or planning your destination wedding, contact our team members now.

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