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Easy Wedding invested $100,000 in Al Haya Al Sahla


Easy Wedding invested $100,000 into Al Haya Al Sahla to take the Metaverse wedding marketing to the next level. In Dubai, Al Haya Al Sahla specializes in offering legal wedding services to expats. The money will aid the growth of the UAE wedding sector in MetaVerse’s immersive virtual environment.

Easy Wedding 

Easy Wedding, is the largest wedding agency in the Gulf Cooperation Council and is expanding its services in Al Haya Al Sahla. Hundreds of people have married online, in Georgia, Seychelles, and Dubai with the help of the Easy Wedding team. The agency is currently working on a new digital destination for GCC couples who want to tie the knot with their friends and family.

“We’ve been able to marry couples remotely successfully, it’s only logical for us to take this experience to a new level through the MetaVerse. The current Metaverse market is reaching a 100 billion USD valuation, with expected incomes of 800 billion USD per year within the next 2 years. We’re becoming the first company to offer a legal wedding in the MetaVerse and the new possibilities are endless”.

Florian, the Co-founder of Easy Wedding

Easy Wedding offers Metaverse weddings to couples

Many couples have embraced technology like Zoom to allow guests to attend weddings while the COVID-19 pandemic. Metaverse is here to take it a step further by allowing your visitors to engage with real people while immersed in virtual reality. This Metaverse wedding will be extended to other couples in the UAE and around the world, according to the business.

Easy Wedding has married over 1,600 people and assisted over 10,000 expats with difficult wedding situations. Easy wedding plans to be the market leader in the wedding sector by 2022. Florian and Liz, the founders, would be the first couple to marry in the Metaverse in the UAE.

First Metaverse wedding in UAE

Florian and Liz will walk down the aisle in their own Decentraland plot. Dressed in a stylish, custom-made black and brown suit and a lovely white gown purchased for roughly $100 from the most major NFT market Open Sea. The couple will have 20 guests, who will join from home.

On May 19, 2022, the first UAE Metaverse wedding will take place.

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