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Muslim Marriage in Seychelles

Getting Married in Seychelles ? Find out if its possible to hold a Muslim Wedding

Are you a Muslim and want to know if you can getting married in the Seychelles; is even possible? Then Yes, a Muslim marriage in the Seychelles can take place for Dubai residents.

You will be married in the Seychelles, and your marriage will be valid according to Islamic marriage laws. In this article; you can also discover how to marry in the Seychelles and have your marriage certificate approved.

Difference between a Civil and Islamic Marriage in Seychelles

The UAE government recognizes civil marriage, that is conducted by government officials. Nikah is an Islamic marriage that takes place in the presence of an Imam. Islamic marriages are recognized in all Islamic countries. If you want to live in an Islamic country, such as Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Egypt, or Saudi Arabia, you can have a Nikah, which is controlled by Islamic marriage laws.

You’ll also need a civil marriage if you want a wedding certificate that’s legitimate and accepted all across the world.

Prerequisites needed if you are getting married in Seychelles the Islamic way

When it comes to Muslim marriages in the Seychelles, there are a few circumstances worth considering.

  1. Both the bride and groom are Muslims: This is the easiest option, and all that is necessary is a consent letter from the bride’s guardian to allow her to marry.
  2. Muslim groom and non-Muslim bride: In this instance, the Imam can function as the bride’s guardian, and the wedding can proceed.
  3. Non-Muslim groom and Muslim bride: Prior to the wedding, the groom must convert to Islam, although the Imam can still act as the bride’s guardian. If the groom does not want to convert to Islam, they will not be able to have a religious wedding, but they will be able to have a civil wedding.

Where will the Muslim wedding take place in Seychelles

In Seychelles, there are two mosques where the wedding might be held. The Imam will officiate the wedding, which will be witnessed by two male Muslim witnesses. The Imam will need to be notified ahead of time and scheduled for the wedding as agreed. Before booking a wedding, an in-person interview with him is needed.

The Nikah certificate must first be translated before being stamped. We’ll handle coordination with the Imam, translation, and stamping so you can relax and enjoy your celebration.

Final Verdict on getting married in Seychelles as a Muslim

While it is admirable to think about preserving and celebrating our religious traditions, it would be more practical to consider a civil marriage in addition to a religious wedding in order to have a document that will allow you to travel the world and build your nest of love in any country of your choice.

Are you looking to get married in Seychelles the Civil way or have a religious ceremony; book a call with our team; to find out the best way moving forward.

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